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The One With Kachingle My Blog

The premise of Kachingle was to support sites you love with social cents. As cliche as it may sound, that is exactly what it does.

Here’s how it works:
– You pay US$5 per month to Kachingle
– Every time you visit a site with a Kachingle badge (like this blog), you can choose to “Kachingle” the blog, or not
– Do this for every Kachingle-d sites, blogs and apps you enjoy
– At the end of every month, a big part of your US$5 is distributed to those sites you Kachingle-d
– The more visits you pay to the site, the more money it’ll get

That’s the money part, and it is a refreshing business model for publishers. Instead of being tied in to a monthly subscription to every other site, or being pestered by endless pop-up ads, you spend a fixed amount on content you enjoy.

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