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The One With The Golden Era Of Flying

I am a newbie traveler. There, I have said it. I started to explore the world when budget airlines started to take off in the skies, and that dominates my holiday budget, so to speak.

If you are anything like me, these are what you have been missing from the good, old days of frill-ful flying:
– You can visit the pilot cockpit
– You won’t be subjected to stewardess touting lottery tickets and phone cards
– You are given boiled sweet to ease the ear pressure during take off
– You can smoke on aircrafts
– You can be amused by hat-wearing pilots
– Ditto stewardess with orange make-up

On the plus side, for the same price of budget airfare, you can still enjoy first class train travel.

1st Class Train Travel from Madrid to Barcelona

As seen from http://www.realtravelmag.com.