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The One With Slowing Down In Life

It has been some time since I last blogged.

A few days of absence in the blogosphere seem terribly long, especially for someone who has been posting everyday. Since returning from my trip from Europe (which in itself was a total saga befitting its own series of posts), as expected I was hit by despicable jet lag and time spent resolving issues raised from the said saga.

Yet in the flurry of paperwork, emails, bureaucracy and red packets, I came to realised a stark comparison between life in Hong Kong and Europe.

In particular on how I live my life.

Having a pint of beer near Sintra train station.

I love to read on the go. I always have a book with me anytime, anywhere; on the train commute to work, while having dinner, while being on holiday. It was so much of a habit that I didn’t question why I was doing it in the first place.

Over my holidays in Europe, I also carried a book on me all the time. But I realised that, in over three weeks, I could hardly finish one book. T

That would have come across as strange, considering that I have plenty of time in between attractions and meals to fill in. If I could read so much in hectic Hong Kong, why would I read less in laid back Sintra?

Then it hit me. The pace of life in Europe was definitely slower. I saw more, I listened more, I smelled more. I cherished things more. I realised I was busy enjoying what I was seeing to actually need a book.

In Hong Kong, I often lose myself into the written words. I realise I do it when life is sweeping me by; crowded trains, busy cafes, noisy hairdressers.

It appears that books saved me from being too hassled by the frantic city I am living in.

Could it be true? Could I be hiding behind books in fear of being swept away by the relentless bullet train of my life in Hong Kong?