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The One With The Family & A Funeral

Uncle's Funeral

As much as it was a sad occasion, the passing on of my uncle has brought my entire family together. I cannot remember the last time my mother, sister, brother, and various aunts and cousins gathered at one place.

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The One With Family Time

Sights of Menglembu

Family time is always precious to me. The occasion when all my family members gathered at one place at the same time is so incredibly rare (given that we live all over the globe), I can’t remember the last time we did that.

Not even Chinese New Year.

So this time round, as we once again reunited in my hometown Menglembu, may our family bond be rekindled and strengthened, to withstand the test of distance and time.

The One With Animal Porn From Morocco

Birds and fowls. Morocco was full of it. From the ancient medina of Fez, the gorgeous coastal town of Essaouira to the bustling commercial town of Marrakech, a pair of flapping wings (or two) was never too far away.

And of course, the occasional gentle camels, dead or otherwise. These mammals were gorgeous. Unless they belch in your face.

Here are some animal porn from my ten days in Morocco.

A line up of different-coloured cocks.

A Line Up Of Cocks

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The One With Kachingle My Blog

The premise of Kachingle was to support sites you love with social cents. As cliche as it may sound, that is exactly what it does.

Here’s how it works:
– You pay US$5 per month to Kachingle
– Every time you visit a site with a Kachingle badge (like this blog), you can choose to “Kachingle” the blog, or not
– Do this for every Kachingle-d sites, blogs and apps you enjoy
– At the end of every month, a big part of your US$5 is distributed to those sites you Kachingle-d
– The more visits you pay to the site, the more money it’ll get

That’s the money part, and it is a refreshing business model for publishers. Instead of being tied in to a monthly subscription to every other site, or being pestered by endless pop-up ads, you spend a fixed amount on content you enjoy.

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The One With Masala Indian Restaurant – Second Time Lucky?

Despite what I said in my previous post about Masala Indian Restaurant in Sheung Wan, my second visit here was proven to be a surprise. Perhaps because this time my friend and I did ala carte as opposed to the set meal, the quality was far better.

We ordered way too much and drank quite a bit of beer. Here’s some food porn to get you all a-Indian again, right here in Hong Kong!

Popaadam. With mint dip. Yum yum yum.

Masala Indian Restaurant Revisited

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The One With The Valentine’s Day… Again

Adoro questa poesia...

It is time of the year again. I’ll refrain from making the usual references on how commercialised the day is, how sickeningly sweet everywhere will be, and how distressed boyfriends would get…

… but oh, I did just that.

But more to the point, I realised that love is something best not left to fate. Especially so if you don’t want to be left on the shelf. Those who claimed others who are practical in love are not in love have obviously never been single for too long.

That is like some sort of weird tongue twister.

So this year, singletons like me should go out and be lovely, lovable, loved. As much as love can be a chemical reaction in your brain, it also make your world goes around.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

The One With The Golden Era Of Flying

I am a newbie traveler. There, I have said it. I started to explore the world when budget airlines started to take off in the skies, and that dominates my holiday budget, so to speak.

If you are anything like me, these are what you have been missing from the good, old days of frill-ful flying:
– You can visit the pilot cockpit
– You won’t be subjected to stewardess touting lottery tickets and phone cards
– You are given boiled sweet to ease the ear pressure during take off
– You can smoke on aircrafts
– You can be amused by hat-wearing pilots
– Ditto stewardess with orange make-up

On the plus side, for the same price of budget airfare, you can still enjoy first class train travel.

1st Class Train Travel from Madrid to Barcelona

As seen from

The One With Slowing Down In Life

It has been some time since I last blogged.

A few days of absence in the blogosphere seem terribly long, especially for someone who has been posting everyday. Since returning from my trip from Europe (which in itself was a total saga befitting its own series of posts), as expected I was hit by despicable jet lag and time spent resolving issues raised from the said saga.

Yet in the flurry of paperwork, emails, bureaucracy and red packets, I came to realised a stark comparison between life in Hong Kong and Europe.

In particular on how I live my life.

Having a pint of beer near Sintra train station.

I love to read on the go. I always have a book with me anytime, anywhere; on the train commute to work, while having dinner, while being on holiday. It was so much of a habit that I didn’t question why I was doing it in the first place.

Over my holidays in Europe, I also carried a book on me all the time. But I realised that, in over three weeks, I could hardly finish one book. T

That would have come across as strange, considering that I have plenty of time in between attractions and meals to fill in. If I could read so much in hectic Hong Kong, why would I read less in laid back Sintra?

Then it hit me. The pace of life in Europe was definitely slower. I saw more, I listened more, I smelled more. I cherished things more. I realised I was busy enjoying what I was seeing to actually need a book.

In Hong Kong, I often lose myself into the written words. I realise I do it when life is sweeping me by; crowded trains, busy cafes, noisy hairdressers.

It appears that books saved me from being too hassled by the frantic city I am living in.

Could it be true? Could I be hiding behind books in fear of being swept away by the relentless bullet train of my life in Hong Kong?

The One With Chinese New Year Family Dinner

When it comes to festive season feast, few can beat the Chinese. The vast variety, the ultra importance and the sheer cholesterol made it almost the whole point for families to travel thousand of miles to exchange pleasantries and “ang pow” (money in red packets) before the real event.

To welcome the (5th day of) Lunar New Year, allow me to continue with my series of food porn… this time focusing on Chinese New Year food in Hong Kong.

Starting the night with a glass of champagne.

HK Family CNY Dinner

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