The One With The Beginning of Europe 2011

Backpack & My Lonely Planet

By the time you read this post, I would be halfway across the way, on my way towards London.

It is the beginning of a journey of a lifetime… but then again I said the same thing of all my travels. With seven cities across the span of a mere nineteen days, I would be dishonest if I say I am not a tad wary. But hey the best memories are made by venturing into the unknowns, so who knows?

Fez, 20 Jan ~ 23 Jan
Essaouira, 23 Jan ~ 24 Jan
Marrakech, 24 Jan ~ 27 Jan
Madrid, 27 Jan ~ 28 Jan
Barcelona, 28 Jan ~ 31 Jan
Lisbon, 31 Jan ~ 3 Feb
London, 3 Feb ~ 5 Feb

As I make my way around cramped medinas, spiced coffee, crazy soccer fans, egg tarts and broadway musicals, I will attempt to chronicle my tales here. Although it is unlikely I will fulfill my wish to see some snow this trip, it will be a tapestry of memory to last me a lifetime.

Bon voyage, you and me.

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