The One With SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

Happy New Year! It’s another new beginning for all us, so let me get my food blogging mojo going with a post on my first dinner in 2011, which was at SML Restaurant at Causeway Bay.

SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

I had a group of visiting Singaporeans in town and initially we wanted to head down to Lamma for some seafood. But some pesky factors like hangover, too much parties, food poisoning and shopping got into the way, so I took an executive decision and we had an ultra-early dinner (for Hong Kong standard) at SML instead.

And what a great first dinner! First off, here are some of the must-trys:

Lamb cutlet with mint & white beans in tomato sauce (HK$90 for medium)

SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

My choice for the day, and it was proven to be a delightful one. The lamb cutlet was perfectly done (I asked for medium) with the exterior slightly charred to my taste. The meat was tender and juicy, though the mint taste was not really tangible. The white beans… well, being beans, of which I am not a fan of, was just that… beans. But the cutlet more than made up for it.

Paella with chicken and seafood (HK$124 for medium)

SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

I have no idea what a paella is (and I call myself a foodie *snort*) and this one looked like a reduced version of a risotto. The menu listed a whole list of ingredients – chicken, chorizo, squid, mussels, shrimps – and we thought we had to choose one… but actually the dish comes with everything. I particularly like the mussels and squids; for seafood in town they were surprisingly fresh and not overly cooked with herbs, retaining that slightly tangy from-the-sea taste. But at that portion size I do think it was slightly overpriced.

Buffalo wings with Frank’s hot sauce (HK$58 for medium size)

SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

Who is Frank? I would want to kiss him for his tasty sauce. At first bite, the wings made me feel as if it was too spicy for my taste, but after chewing in and letting the sauce simmered on my tongue, it was just right. I could do less with the sourness though. A medium portion gives you eight pieces, which (I was told) to be of great value.

And now here are dishes you could either hit or miss:

Rocket salad with parmesan & balsamic (HK$47 for medium size)

SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

I love rocket leaves, and I know not many people do. Don’t you think this green is just unique, like… eating fried chicken? However with just parmesan cheese and balsamic to go with the raw leaves, perhaps it doesn’t justify to sit along with the rest of the tastier dishes.

Truffle chips & sea salt (HK$48 for large size)

SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

Where’s the truffles? I can just see the sea salt. Nevertheless the chips were delicious and apparently you need to pay almost triple the price for something similar in Singapore.

Ice cream (HK$31 for one scoop)

SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

They dubbed it as “I Scream”, and I agree. There was nothing particularly delicious about the selection of ice cream here (cookies ‘n cream, hazelnuts, mango etc), it was just nice presentation.

Fruit juice (HK$48)

SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

Honestly, at HK$48, this can only be dubbed as a “scam”. The pineapple juice, although tasted great, was at only half the glass. It was if served like an alcoholic drink. Avoid at all cost.

A word about the restaurant

I had always liked SML; this wasn’t my first time here. The fact that you can order your food in three sizes (small, medium, large; hence SML, see?) was a great idea. Most medium-sized dishes will be filling enough; a large one should be shared instead. The deco (including its cute plates with funny tag lines) and service were great, considering the place was crowded being New Year Day.

There was also an outdoor patio for drinking, complete with gas burner for those cold winter nights.

The Conclusion

A great place for group dinner with some really excellent Western dishes. Eat one of your size.

SML Restaurant
Shop 1105, 11/F, Food Forum, Times Square
1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
2577 3444

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7 Thoughts on “The One With SML Restaurant At Causeway Bay

  1. I like the simple rockets. Truffle in many case means dribbled with a little truffle oil, which is enough aroma to fill the entire table.

  2. I like the simple rockets. Truffle in many case means dribbled with a little truffle oil, which is enough aroma to fill the entire table.

  3. Jarrel T on 3 January, 2011 at 11:43 am said:

    i LOVE SML! my fave drink’s SML Baby. always got that when i went in for dinner. haha… and for the fries. i think they serve it with truffle sauce on the side?… and i love that dish. same with the rocket leaves salad. now i miss that place…:

  4. @ Aaa – I love rockets too, and that’s some expensive greens. The truffles fries were like normal fries, though delicious.

  5. @ Jarrel – SML Baby? Yes I saw that drink but I thought I was too old for it. Aren’t you going to revisit Hong Kong again?

  6. HK Epicurus on 3 January, 2011 at 5:15 pm said:

    I kind of like SML too. If not for the food, the cocktails and ability to order whatever portion u want of each!

    Funnily enough, not many locals like this! Weird… And they don’t like Lei Bistro either – which reminds me of SML but in a Chinese type of way ! :D

  7. @HK Epicurus – I have yet to try Lei Bistro. Is it any good?

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