The One With Bali The Penthouse At Jordan

It was a gorgeous night.

When I checked-in via Foursquare to this place and shared it on Facebook, my friends misunderstood as to where I was at. I couldn’t blame them as the combination of names can be very confusing to those not familiar with Hong Kong.

Bali The Penthouse, Jordan

Bali The Penthouse is located at the rooftop of Nathan Hotel, right smack in the middle of Jordan. Jordan is but a bustling district in Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong, and not in the Middle East. Hence the confusion.

Bali The Penthouse, Jordan

Bali The Penthouse was an open-air bar embellished with Balinese-crafted furnishings, embracing the air of Indonesia. The outdoor seating were varied; there were tables, high chairs, sofas and even a pavilion, at which my group of friends spent many happy hours chatting over glasses of wine.

Bali The Penthouse, Jordan

The bartenders were knowledgeable recommending the kind of wine we wanted from its wine list. The prices were reasonable (we spent about HK$600 for two bottles of red), the service impeccable and the setting was just too gorgeous for me not to recommend.

Perfect for a night of chill out, away from the maddening crowd of TST. Bali The Penthouse is like an oasis in the middle of Jordan.

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