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The One With Europe ’11 Day 6 – The Gorgeous Coastal Town Of Essaouira

Camel Ride At Essaouira

Traveling to different places open up your eyes to the possible impossible, to the never ending delights the world has to offer. Once in a while, however, you come across some place so unexpected it took your breathe away and you wondered where you stood in God’s creation.

Essaouira was one of those places.

I am waxing lyrical about Essaouira. It has without a doubt took over the top position as my favourite beach town. Phuket has little to match up to this gorgeous town painted in white and blue.

The lyrical part would have to come at another time; but here’s are some experiences from Essaouira:
– Sometime less is more. The less carb they serve at breakfast, the happier we became
– I have never seen a girl who become so excited over a couple of hardboiled eggs
– The alleyways of Essaouira gave way to bright blue sky and wide roads. It was drizzling the night before, and this morning, but heaven seemed to have cleared up in time for us to soak in the atmosphere of the town
– We knew, because of the rainbow which spanned across the sky. We were so blessed
– Seagulls, seagulls, many seagulls. I would be lying if I don’t admit I was scared of them shitting on my head. But all they did was to soar majestically across the sky and called out to each other.
– Strays, strays, many strays. Cats and dogs everywhere, and they seemed to know how to pose for pictures.
– Even though the town seem to be bustling with tourists, there wasn’t that tense touristy feel to it. The locals went on with their life; fishermen continue to tend to their boats, children kicked balls in tiny alleyways, old women sat at corners waiting for a dirham or two. Even the touts seem to be subdued. It was a great place for tourists
– The beach. OMG the beach. It was gorgeous. The Atlantic Sea was relentlessly crashing to the shore, but as it was low tide there was plenty of sand to trod on. Imprints everywhere – of humans, of horses, of camels.
– Oh yes, camels. How can you describe the fright when it first rises onto its four feet, as you took in the smell and sound of these gentle animals, and how they prowled the beach, carrying you, as they and their ancestors have carried other human over thousands of years? It was so poignant I almost cried.
– Oh the city boy in me!
– Then the shopping. It was cheap (though I discovered I paid too much for my pair of Moroccan shoes). I wasn’t hassled – that much – and I bought stuff. Yay.
– The seafood lunch. Everything was grilled fresh, though I suppose the chef did overdid ours with salt. But what with the white building and blue table clothes and crashing waves and serenading street drummers, it was an experience, certainly.

We left Essaouira half wishing to cancel a night in Marrakesh and spend more time here.

Essaouira deserved more pages in travel guides. I will be back.