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The One With Europe ’11 Day 5 – The Long Journey To Essaouira

At Elizir Restaurant, Essaouira

The day dawned bright and early, as we have an early train to catch to Marrakesh, which will take some seven hours, before changing to a taxi for yet another 2.5 hours to the coastal town of Essaouira:

– Breakfast was the same old, same old. Honestly, one more of those couscous pancake and I will definitely throw a seizure
– Headed to the train station early and got ourselves some first class cabin. Had a wonderful time anticipating what lies ahead
– Realised that the train will stop at every station between Fez and Marrakesh, including Rabat and Casablanca. Can I say that, technically, I was at all these towns too?
– An argument broke up between the train staff and passengers. Rapid, harsh-sounding Arabic words were exchanged. I wish I could understand them. Some gossip will break up the monotonousity of the journey nicely
– The journey through the countryside was illuminating. Not living up to its a name as an African country, Morroco boasted more lush greenery, orange trees and rolling hills you would wag your fingers at
– Cacti farms; have you seen anything more ridiculous? Yet Morocco was full of them. I can only imagine they were farmed to collect water from deep underground
– Instead of a tree of goats which I very much wanted to see, I saw instead a tree full of… children. The irony was outstanding
– The outskirt of Marrakesh was full of dusty roads after dusty buildings. It was hard to get excited at so much dust
– It was one straight road from Marrakesh to Essaouira, even if it took almost 2.5 hours before we saw the sea
– Essaouira by night; what was it like? For one it was definitely a touristy town, yet the lack of threatening touts and milling tourists made a nice change from the scene that was Fez
– It was raining, so everything was bitterly cold. But when one seagull soared above our head with a lonesome cry, my heart soared. This was such an authentic coastal town experience
– Had dinner at the famous Elizir with a decidedly international crowd. Finally had some fish after nights of carbs and meats
– Headed back to the Ryad (we had the biggest penthouse all to ourselves), where the girls proceeded to finish up all the hot water leaving me cold. Gah!

All in all, a tiring day spent more on the road than on my feet. But we already know, for sure, what we will be doing tomorrow! Stay tuned!