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The One With Europe ’11 Day 1 – The Colours Of London

At Tower Bridge

I couldn’t have asked for a more eventful first day of my holiday. Who else can do all the following within one day?

– Trawled my way to Portobello Market and discover a little known Spanish church in Notting Hill
– Ventured into a swooning bakery called the Hummingbird and bought the most delightful muffin, ever
– Consumed eight cookies, five doughnuts and four grande coffee
– Stood out like a sore thumb among the suited bankers at Canary Wharf
– Dipped into the world of said bankers by having lunch at Morgan Stanley
– Mistaken the Olympic 2012 council building as the Mayor of London’s office
– Enjoyed the best of winter in London by strolling half dressed along River Thames
– Visited Tower of London and its endless (what else?) towers after two unsuccessful attempts two years ago
– Struggled to remain awake while being serenaded with Pachelbel Canon at Covent Garden
– Gaped like an idiot at the largest Apple store in the world (three storeys, man!)
– Being all nonchalant at dinner while the gorgeous Jessica Michibata and her F1 driver boyfriend Jenson Button canoodled at the next table

And London was not even my actual planned itinerary.

Okay time to get lost in the medinas!

The One With The Beginning of Europe 2011

Backpack & My Lonely Planet

By the time you read this post, I would be halfway across the way, on my way towards London.

It is the beginning of a journey of a lifetime… but then again I said the same thing of all my travels. With seven cities across the span of a mere nineteen days, I would be dishonest if I say I am not a tad wary. But hey the best memories are made by venturing into the unknowns, so who knows?

Fez, 20 Jan ~ 23 Jan
Essaouira, 23 Jan ~ 24 Jan
Marrakech, 24 Jan ~ 27 Jan
Madrid, 27 Jan ~ 28 Jan
Barcelona, 28 Jan ~ 31 Jan
Lisbon, 31 Jan ~ 3 Feb
London, 3 Feb ~ 5 Feb

As I make my way around cramped medinas, spiced coffee, crazy soccer fans, egg tarts and broadway musicals, I will attempt to chronicle my tales here. Although it is unlikely I will fulfill my wish to see some snow this trip, it will be a tapestry of memory to last me a lifetime.

Bon voyage, you and me.