The One With Tsui Wah Restaurant

Talk about the culture of char chan teng (or “char chaan teng”, commonly known as HK-style cafe) in Hong Kong, one cannot escape from talking about Tsui Wah. The name itself is synonym to the local food culture, so much so that it was often said a visit to Hong Kong would be incomplete if you never been to one of the many restaurants of Tsui Wah dotting the island.

Tsui Wah Restaurant @ Central

I have been to Tsui Wah countless times, for meals with local friends, with visiting friends, for dinners on my own, for supper after a hard night clubbing… it is definitely a place worthy of all occasions. Opened 24 hours a day at most branches, you can count on equal hits and misses at Tsui Wah.

So here’s my list of things you definitely should try.

Crispy egg noodles with shredded pork

Tsui Wah Restaurant @ Central

My definite favorite of the entire menu. For the first couple of times I visited Tsui Wah, this was the only dish I will order. Crispy noodle soaked with delicious mushroom gravy with tender shredded pork, the key to enjoy this meal is to eat it fast before the noodles become soggy. If you are a slow eater, scrap away the gravy and meat, put it aside, and enjoy the noodle separately.

Fish ball noodles with pork and beancurd

Tsui Wah Restaurant At Lan Kwai Fong, Central

A perfect choice if you just feel like eating but don’t feel like being a cow (i.e. eating so much as if you have four stomachs). It was rumoured that the fishballs were handmade; to my experience the springy balls certainly seem unlike those you purchase off the shelf. The clear soup base is a perfect accompaniment to the thick noodle (also known as hor fun). The meat is rather ordinary but certainly the ingredient which gives stronger flavour to this bowl of soupy goodness.

Mutton curry with bread pancakes

Tsui Wah Restaurant At Lan Kwai Fong, Central

I had to highlight this dish not because of the mutton curry; on a good day you will get three tender, perfectly stewed chunks of lamb goodness with a plate of delicious curry to match. It was the pancakes, also known as roti prata or roti canai depending on where you come from, which I had to recommend. I don’t think these were made in-house; probably they were ready made and cooked to order. But I certainly enjoyed how perfectly grilled they usually are… crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, emitting endless buttery wafts that makes you want to mop up the curry with them, never mind the mutton!

Tsui Wah breakfast set

Breakfast at Tsui Wah Cafe, Central

Want something that is simple yet authentic to Hong Kong char chan teng? Then opt for this satay beef noodle with the famous chu chye bao (porky buns; toasted buns smothered with butter and condensed milk). While being a calorie bomb the combination is certainly not something you would want to miss. At some other HK-style cafe you might get a bad experience but at Tsui Wah you will not be disappointed. The least you will enjoy is the authentic fare.

The Conclusion

Make Tsui Wah one of your culinary stops in Hong Kong. If there is one place you cannot miss, this would be it.

2 Thoughts on “The One With Tsui Wah Restaurant

  1. HK Epicurus on 8 December, 2010 at 2:16 pm said:

    I come here a lot too but never take photos for some reason. (May be because at lunch there’s so many office people watching you, it looks a bit strange haha)

  2. @ HK Epicurus – By now my friends are so used to me snapping photos of their food, they waited patiently for my green light to start eating!

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