The One With Ten Christmas Things

And so the Christmas weekend came to an end. The festive season was especially festive this year in Hong Kong as temperature dipped repeatedly below the ten degrees mark.

You know, like being all Christmas-y.

And so yours truly, like many others around me, celebrated the joy that was Santa and his reindeers and would like to count his ten blessings.

#1 – Visited SEVVA

Hong Kong's sun set viewed at SEVVA's Terrace_mid

Great view, delicious cocktails and never-ending supply of snacks made it an exceptional evening, worthy of its own blog post. It was here where, in the course of catching up with an old friend, I realised what I stand for and what I want in the future. I’m sure the elevation (SEVVA was on the 25th floor) and copious amount of cocktails helped.

#2 – Pre-holiday drinks at SML


A great way to start off the holiday season; having a drink at the surprisingly under-publicised but stunning patio of SML Restaurant at Times Square, together with friends from work. If, by the end of my previous sentence, you do not realise why this was a kind of blessing to me, you probably don’t need to know.

#3 – First Christmas gift


In the form of the complete sets of DVDs for Sex and the City, Season 1 – 4. It was about the same time I came up with the phrase “I am your Charlotte, you are my Samantha” which I am ridiculously proud of. However I was told that I am more Marentino than York. Harumph.

#4 – Being Santa Claus

Christmas Santa

There was a time I believed in Santa Claus. There was a time I no longer believe in Santa Clause. And from time to time you have no choice but to be a Santa Claus. It would have been fun if my perfume bottles didn’t win The Least Thoughtful Gift this year. Perhaps. But I know I am no Santa inside.

#5 – Christmas in New York

Winter Wonderland in New York

A thought I have carefully contemplated, tossed about and ditched over and over again thanks to friends who remembered and wanted me to be a part of their Christmas trip of a lifetime. Thanks, folks, for thinking of me and tagging me in your Facebook photos. I mean it.

#6 – Europe holiday in 2011


As a result of #5, I was slightly depressed over the lack of snow for my own Christmas. So I compensated by buying the latest addition to my ever-growing stash of Lonely Planet books for my Europe trip next year. Spain will be one of my destinations, along with Morocco and Portugal

#7 – Christmas Eve dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner

Close friends, great food, a Holy night… ended with a big bang. What more a foreigner-yet-Asian-in-Hong-Kong can ask for? My feeble attempt to be excused from the midnight celebration fallen on deaf ears. So to the clubs I went. No prize for guessing that I had the mother of a hangover on Christmas Day. But would I have it any other way? Of course not.

#8 – Mini Sophaholic

Sophie Kinsella's Mini Shopaholic

A book I bought with much glee only to be left gathering dust in my desk for weeks. I read it within hours peppered with occasional bursts of laughter and contented smile as I devoured the magic that was Kinsella. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to Becky’s adventure in Hollywood

#9 – Hairy crabs for seven


It was a superhuman attempt, especially so considering the weekend that I had. Hosting a hairy crab dinner for seven at my humble bachelor pad was no mean feat, but it was one I thoroughly enjoyed. You guys had no idea. And I won’t blame you on the hours of toilet-related aftermath.

#10 – Last Christmas gift

To round off a fantastic Christmas weekend, I received a totally unexpected gift. Something so totally apt, greatly relevant and impossible to share in public domain. Thank you. You know who you are.

6 Thoughts on “The One With Ten Christmas Things

  1. You look so cute in being Santa :)
    Your life is full of passion and joy and every time reading your post makes me feeling happy :)

  2. Your christmas was an excellent one I’d say. Here’s wishing you a great new year ahead too.

    It’s always a pleasure reading your blog. Thanks

  3. Sounds like a jolly Christmas to me :) I’ve always wanted to be a Charlotte as well!

  4. @ Yolanda – Awww, thanks! I love to think of my life as full of surprises.

  5. @ alilfatmonkey – And it’s a pleasure to be one of your favourite blogs. Happy new year to you too!

  6. @ Paul – Usually guys who want to be Charlotte are far from being one. Are you sure you are not a Samantha? ;)

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