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The One With The Month That Was November 2010

Christmas Madness @ Times Square

It’s here. The month of Christmas. The season of giving, receiving and merrymaking. Before I don my Santa hat and start jiggling my bells around (that sounded dirty), I thought I will take a breather and look back at the month that was November.

The past month has been monumental for me. Apart from a very busy time at work, this was the month when I had to reinstate my blog after a hacking attack. Getting back into my blogging stride was difficult; it’s just like dragging your sorry ass back to the gym after weeks of food gorging.

But of that, I did. I mean blogging, not gorging.

So here I am looking back at some of my best blog posts in November, and here’s to an exciting month ahead in December.

Good luck, you and me ;)

The One With Novotel Bloggers Hong Kong 2010
My first blogger event in Hong Kong, thanks to the good folks of Novotel and PRDA Asia.

The One With Hairy Crab Season In Hong Kong
There is just something very special about hairy crabs and its season in Hong Kong.

The One With The iPhone Lost & Found
This is one of the many life snippets how Singapore and Hong Kong are two very different beasts.

The One With Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) At Central
Lan Fong Yuen, the legendary char chan teng in Central, is famous for very good reasons.

The One With The Culinary Whirlwind That Was Bangkok 2010
From roadside food to thousand-baht meals, Bangkok is, and always will be, a gastronomical heaven for many.