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The One With The End Of 2010

To round off the year, I wanted to find my all time favorite shot taken in 2010 as an accompaniment photo. As I racked my brain for all that had happened for the past twelve months, my mind kept drawing back to one particular photo; taken at the Staten Island of New York, where the iconic Statue of Liberty is.

As I pondered over my subconscious choice, it dawned upon me why this particular photo meant so much.

The Statue of Liberty, New York

For this photo marked a very important milestone not only for the year, but in my life. This was when I made a maiden trip to New York during the spring month of April, fulfilling one of my oldest dream ever since I watched the first episode of Friends.

Yes, I was that impressionable.

It was also then when I visited my beloved mom, ten years after we parted ways to chart our own future. Right after this trip my relationship with my mom strengthened ten-folds, and I crossed yet another milestone in my life.

Because of that fateful moment, my life will (thankfully) never be the same again.

It also reminds me how important travel was, and will continue to be, an important part of my life. Some view traveling abroad a mere hobby, to be undertaken when one find life too dull and have that odd cash to spare.

For me, travels define who I am. As I saw more unfamiliar sights and explored more unknown territories, my mind, expanded and my horizons, deepen. Without these trips made over the years, I will not be who I am.

This will be a passion I will burn throughout my life.

It was also here I was miles from my friends and loved ones. As hours and days passed by, I realised which friendship and relationship meant more to me. It made me choose with whom I want to build my life with. It allowed me to… grow, as a person to myself, and as a friend to people around me.

Needless to say, New York 2010 was a major turning point in my life.

As I look forward to 2011 with much hope and determination, I can look back into the past twelve months and honestly say…

… I have no regrets.

The One With Ten Christmas Things

And so the Christmas weekend came to an end. The festive season was especially festive this year in Hong Kong as temperature dipped repeatedly below the ten degrees mark.

You know, like being all Christmas-y.

And so yours truly, like many others around me, celebrated the joy that was Santa and his reindeers and would like to count his ten blessings.

#1 – Visited SEVVA

Hong Kong's sun set viewed at SEVVA's Terrace_mid

Great view, delicious cocktails and never-ending supply of snacks made it an exceptional evening, worthy of its own blog post. It was here where, in the course of catching up with an old friend, I realised what I stand for and what I want in the future. I’m sure the elevation (SEVVA was on the 25th floor) and copious amount of cocktails helped.

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The One With Frost In Hong Kong

Frost in Hong Kong

(Photo by Hong Kong Digital PhotoVision)

Could snow be heading to Hong Kong anytime soon?

The Hong Kong Observatory has been issuing warnings for the last couple of days of severe cold weather occurring all over the country. Even at the rural area like HK Island where yours truly dwell at, the temperature dipped to 7 degrees last night.

The coldest weather I have experience in Hong Kong was 10 degrees during the eve of Chinese New Year this year.

Needless to say, I am beyond delighted. The last time it snowed in Hong Kong (yes, it happened, and that was unbelievable) was back in 1975.

Could I be this lucky? I can’t wait!

The One With Ten Things To Do Before The End Of 2010

.December 2010 calendar journal

It’s time of the year again. When HR departments the world over sent out circulars informing staff that, come Christmas Eve, everyone is allowed to go home earlier than usual.

Hooray to non-urgent operational needs and non-existent (year-end) workload!

It is also time of the year for me to think how I would like to end 2010. No, not with a bang – literal or otherwise – but with much thoughts and care consistent with one getting on with age.

With only two weeks to go before we allow to go crazy around town screaming “Happy New Year!” into the faces of unsuspecting strangers, here’s how I will be spending the next fifteen days or so.

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The One With Paravion Press By Atlantis Books At Santorini, Greece

After some months of waiting, it is finally here. For some weeks there I thought they have ran away with my money.

Atlantis Books

It was entirely by accident that I discovered Atlantis Books during my excursion around Santorini when I visited Greece in 2008. It was winter, most of the island was deserted and we were desperate for some human contact.

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The One With Tsui Wah Restaurant

Talk about the culture of char chan teng (or “char chaan teng”, commonly known as HK-style cafe) in Hong Kong, one cannot escape from talking about Tsui Wah. The name itself is synonym to the local food culture, so much so that it was often said a visit to Hong Kong would be incomplete if you never been to one of the many restaurants of Tsui Wah dotting the island.

Tsui Wah Restaurant @ Central

I have been to Tsui Wah countless times, for meals with local friends, with visiting friends, for dinners on my own, for supper after a hard night clubbing… it is definitely a place worthy of all occasions. Opened 24 hours a day at most branches, you can count on equal hits and misses at Tsui Wah.

So here’s my list of things you definitely should try.

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The One With My First TweetNotebook

A little surprise came in the mail today.

My First TweetNoteBook

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The One With The Delhi Club – An Adventure At Chungking Mansions

It certainly wasn’t a place I would go to on my own.

Chungking Mansions was certainly not for the faint hearted. From the outside it looked like an rickety, overlighted building with many South Asians (Indians, Sri Lankans and similar) loitering around. Once you approach the building, endless leaflets advertising everything from food to clothes are stuffed into your hands.

It wouldn’t be that bad if these vendors didn’t start to surround you and shouted unsolicited offers, from food to suits to everything imaginable under the sun, in your face. It was worse than my experience with the insufferable touts at the Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Under so under considerable duress my friends and I made a choice for a dinner place (somewhat random, but hey when in doubt, just close your eyes and jab, hehe) and made our way to the third floor of Chungking Mansions, where The Delhi Club was at.

The Delhi Club @ Chungking Mansions

The exterior of the restaurant was, like the rest of the building, plainly deceiving. Just a nondescript door that would be otherwise mistaken as the entry to someone’s house, if not for the posters decorating the wall outside. The overenthusiastic Indian proprietor of the place welcomed us in and soon we were seated somewhat comfortably in the deep cavern of the restaurant.

After debating the pros and cons of Indian cuisine to the best of our limited knowledge (there were two Malaysians in the group but that didn’t add on much to our culinary advantage), we took a collective breathe and ordered… randomly.

It was certainly a random kind of night ;)

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The One With 8 Reasons Why I Love New Star Hotpot At Mongkok

I never considered myself as a fan of steamboat… or hotpot, as it is commonly known in Hong Kong. In Malaysia and Singapore, the choices of hotpot outlets were somewhat limited. Had it not been because of their eat-all-you-can style, I don’t think I would have ventured to any of these establishments.

That perception changed after I moved to Hong Kong, as I discovered the joy and delight of New Star Seafood Restaurant (新星海鮮酒家) outlet located at Mongkok.

Despite its name, majority of its patrons were there for their hotpot every night.

New Star Steamboat @ Mongkok

(Side note: Subsequently I went to a few other good, if not better, hotpot places here, but New Star remains one of the places to go when my Singapore friends come visiting)

Why do I love it so? Here are eight good reasons:

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The One With The Month That Was November 2010

Christmas Madness @ Times Square

It’s here. The month of Christmas. The season of giving, receiving and merrymaking. Before I don my Santa hat and start jiggling my bells around (that sounded dirty), I thought I will take a breather and look back at the month that was November.

The past month has been monumental for me. Apart from a very busy time at work, this was the month when I had to reinstate my blog after a hacking attack. Getting back into my blogging stride was difficult; it’s just like dragging your sorry ass back to the gym after weeks of food gorging.

But of that, I did. I mean blogging, not gorging.

So here I am looking back at some of my best blog posts in November, and here’s to an exciting month ahead in December.

Good luck, you and me ;)

The One With Novotel Bloggers Hong Kong 2010
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The One With Hairy Crab Season In Hong Kong
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The One With The iPhone Lost & Found
This is one of the many life snippets how Singapore and Hong Kong are two very different beasts.

The One With Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) At Central
Lan Fong Yuen, the legendary char chan teng in Central, is famous for very good reasons.

The One With The Culinary Whirlwind That Was Bangkok 2010
From roadside food to thousand-baht meals, Bangkok is, and always will be, a gastronomical heaven for many.