The One With The iPhone Lost & Found

And so the night of merriment ended. I staggered home full of happy thoughts of what a terrific night it has been with beloved friends.

As I walked through the door, my friend (who was staying with me for the weekend) duly informed me that he found an iPhone in the cab on his way back.

[56/365] Lost on my iPhone

My first thought? See if I can find out who owns the phone. To my shock, the phone was not password-protected. I can easily go through everything this person has.

Thoughts of Edison-like saga crossed my mind.

So while I was in the bathroom, in the middle of doing what a tired guy desperate for some sleep would be doing, an unfamiliar ringtone pierced the silence. Someone was calling the lost phone.

The following conversation can only be described as surreal.

Him: Hello, who is this?

Me: Hi, my friend picked up your phone from a cab.

Him: Are you the cab driver?

Me: (Sigh) No, but my friend picked up your phone. Do you want it…

Him: (Cutting me off) I will report this to the police. They will track you down!

Me: (Shocked) What? What did you say? I said, do you want your phone back?

Him: Where are you now?

Me: (Told him where I was)

Him: I give you money, give me my phone.

Me: No need. Come to where I am, and get back your phone.

Some twenty minutes later, a harried-looking but smartly dressed young man gave me a quick hug and tried to press fifty bucks into my hand. I waved him away with a reminder to be careful with his stuff.

A few lessons here:
1) Always, always password-protect your iPhone
2) Never assume the worst of the other person. I could have just sold off your damn phone.
3) You can always make the world a better place, one good deed at a time

This is one of the many life snippets how Singapore and Hong Kong are two very different beasts.

6 Thoughts on “The One With The iPhone Lost & Found

  1. So what would happen if this was SG?

  2. lol.. the police will track you down.. with accuracy of 80+/- m.

  3. @ Yolanda – A couple of things. I might be toeing the line of stereotyping here but in SG, it is very unlikely that the owner of the phone will immediately assume I will not return his phone.

  4. I have a snagging suspicion of who you are!

  5. Hee Swee on 13 November, 2010 at 2:26 pm said:

    Why did your friend take the iphone out of the taxi in the first place?
    Why didn’t he/she hand it over directly to the driver instead?
    Intention very suspicious, I’m sorry to say!
    Luckily, the owner did not show up together with the police.
    HK and SG are different after all. This is Hong Kong.

  6. @ Hee Swee – I am curious. When you said “HK and SG are different after all. This is Hong Kong“, what do you exactly mean? That was the subtext I was trying to get at based the experience in this blog post.

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