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The One With The First Bird Flu Case In Hong Kong

And so bird flu has hit Hong Kong (hat tip to Daphne). In view of this public menace ahead I have put on my overimaginative hat and would propose the following health advisory:

Don’t travel to China. At all. That’ll eliminate 90% of the risks.

Don’t eat poultry. Heck, don’t eat meat at all. Be a vegan. I have yet to hear a fatal case from eating too much vegetables

Don’t have sex. Don’t make out. Stay away from everyone, preferably at a 3m radius. Bodily fluid of every variety might kill you. Condoms won’t help under these circumstances.

Don’t use public toilets. When in need, think happy thoughts. Or how disgusting public toilets can be.

Don’t eat out. Eat at home. Cook everything at high heat. Freeze all leftover. That’ll take care most of the bacteria.

Don’t go to work. Unfortunately that is not an option for most people. So if you have been thinking about going on your own on that business, now is the time.

Jokes aside, please stay healthy and be cautious at this dangerous time.

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The One With My Angst On Harry Potter 7

Harry Potter’s 7th installment, The Deathly Hallows, hit the cinemas in Singapore yesterday afternoon. Fans of Potter throughout the tiny island, I am sure, rejoiced in unison as the Boy Who Lived once again graced the silver screen.

But not me. Why? Because I am stuck here in Hong Kong. And to rub salt to my wound, the first part of the epic finale will only show here on 16 December, almost one whole month from today.

Injustice, this was. So spare me of any spoilers while I wallow in misery watching the trailers instead.

The One With Masala Indian Restaurant At Sheung Wan

I am blogging this right after my meal at Masala. This is considerably surprising, since I have a whole string of unblogged gastronomical encounters over the past few weeks. Those, and not this, should take priority.

I blame the lingering curry smell on my fingers. That, and of course the very lack of blog posts of recent days put me in a mild panic that I have lost my blogging mojo for good.

But no matter. You are here to read about my dinner experience at Masala.

Masala Indian Restaurant @ Sheung Wan

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The One With T-Mobile Welcome Back TVC

Because I am feeling sick-ish, it’s kinda late (9 p.m., to be exact) and I could really do with a ten-hour slumber, allow me to take a break from writing long blog post and share something which had uplifted me endlessly in the past week.

The TVC speaks for itself. Doesn’t it just lift up your spirit and make you grin like a fool, perhaps with a tear in your eye?

Life is for sharing… indeed. To a better world, one great ad campaign at a time, T-Mobile. When I get to London Jan next year, I’ll get your prepaid card for sure.

The One With Hairy Crab Season In Hong Kong

There is just something very special about hairy crabs and its season in Hong Kong. The decidedly local culinary delight is usually consumed by the kilos mainly between the autumn and winter seasons.

Hairy Crab 2010 V1

First of all, of course, there are the crabs. Our famous clawed friends were originally famous as a Shanghai cuisine and are prized for the female crab roe. According to the Chinese, the meat itself was believed to have a cooling effect (yin) to the body. Depending on season and origin, a piece of hairy crab can cost as much as HKD200 upwards.

There are many reasons why I love the hairy crab season.

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The One With The iPhone Lost & Found

And so the night of merriment ended. I staggered home full of happy thoughts of what a terrific night it has been with beloved friends.

As I walked through the door, my friend (who was staying with me for the weekend) duly informed me that he found an iPhone in the cab on his way back.

[56/365] Lost on my iPhone

My first thought? See if I can find out who owns the phone. To my shock, the phone was not password-protected. I can easily go through everything this person has.

Thoughts of Edison-like saga crossed my mind.

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The One With Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) At Central

Char chan teng is but a culture that is somewhat inherent to Hong Kong. Everywhere you go, if you are craving for a simple local meal, just look out for any cafe-like but Chinese-run eateries around you. The culture is so pervasive that you can hardly distinguish one from another. A good one, a bad one, and everything in between melt into one big dizzying array of food to choose from.

That is until you come across Lan Fong Yuen (蘭芳園) located at Central.

Lan Fong Yuen @ Central

It was late one Sunday afternoon when my friends called me up for a spot of afternoon tea. I have heard of Lan Fong Yuen mainly from my friends’ Foursquare check-ins. Since it was a mild autumnal afternoon, the day was perfect for me to take a stroll from my house to Gage Street where Lan Fong Yuen is located at.

Needless to say, I was late. So we ordered in a haste what the locals would typically order. You won’t go wrong with that rule of thumb!

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The One With Novotel Bloggers Hong Kong 2010

Also known as the Night With Too Much Wind. No, the bloggers didn’t do a flash mob to collectively fart in one place; though that would be a cool idea.

Now allow me to explain.

Novotel Bloggers Hong Kong 2010

The good folks of Novotel Hong Kong, with a generous blessing from the Hong Kong Tourism Board, invited a group of bloggers both local and overseas for the inaugural Novotal Blogger Hong Kong 2010. Organised by the social media pros of PRDA Asia, I was decidedly honoured to be part of the event; thanks to Josie for the invitation.

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