The One With The Quest For Snow In A Winter Europe

The first snow. The surprising fall of snowflakes. The puzzling impossibility that no two are alike. The freshness chill that permeates the air. The laughter of children in a game of snow fight. The dazzling expanse of a white carpet over everything.

Ahhh…. for the longest time I have been yearning to see snow. Yes, I know that I had my first snow experience as a toddler, but how many of us will remember experiences from such an early age?

And so begin my quest to see snow… first in 2008, and then again in 2009. Little did I know that snow does not always happen at the end of the year. The few snow flakes I saw on the very last day of my Europe trip last year, while waiting out the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague was the best I could manage.

So for my next trip, I was determined to actually see snow. Dropping from the sky, covering everything I see, touching them, building snowmen… I intent to do it all. And so I decided instead of making my annual Europe trip in December, I will do it this time a month later.

My destination of choice? I have dithering between so many options, but after talking to many, many friends, I have decided on…

Lonely Planet for Morocco & Portugal

Morocco & Portugal! Morocco because of its unique heritage straddling between Africa and Europe, and Portugal… well, apparently the people in Lisbon are really hot (and no I am not there for their famous egg tarts; I prefer the HK variety).

Only much later I was told that there is NO SNOW in Morocco and Portugal. I could have slapped myself silly. I keep thinking about the TIME I am visiting, but not the PLACE.

So in a desperate attempt to correct my mistake, I booked my flight to London instead, at which I will spend some days praying for snow (apparently it’s already 3 degrees now and it’s only October, so I might just get lucky!) and from where I will depart for the two countries.

After some research, it does appear that it makes sense, cost wise, to visit Madrid and Barcelona as well.

Seven flights. Six cities. Twenty days. I think I am asking for trouble.

4 Thoughts on “The One With The Quest For Snow In A Winter Europe

  1. Pretty sure you will enjoy yourself over there! Alway wanted to travel to Morocco as well but haven’t had the chance. Perhaps next year then.

  2. One sure place to get snow: Harbin. Hopefully you’ll get to experience that this time around. Good luck!

  3. Ah yes, the photos were breathtaking. I am a sucker for all things cultural. Just hope it won’t be as touty as Istanbul. That would be a turn off!

  4. Here’s to bad weather and freezing temp!

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