The One With Chung Kee Dessert (松記糖水) At Causeway Bay

Dessert shops are a dime a dozen in Hong Kong. Even though I have been living here for more than a year, I never ventured to more than a handful all this time, because:
1) I am counting my calories; and
2) My favourite, Honeymoon Dessert is 5 mins from my place

Maybe it was the delicious dinner, or perhaps a pint too many beer after the birthday dinner, we decided on a whim to have some dessert before calling it a night. And we chanced upon a dessert shop which I passed by every morning on the way to work but never went in.

Chung Kee Dessert (松記糖水), Causeway Bay

Chung Kee Dessert is one of the many dessert chain stores in Hong Kong, serving the usual suspects of shaved ice, sliced fruits, ice creams and mountains of sugar. The menu was almost entirely in Chinese, so I had to rely on my friend to order for me. It was no surprise that I voted for the ones with a picture in the menu.

Well, at least I would know what I will be getting without playing the gastronomical version of Russian Roulette.

Chung Kee Dessert (松記糖水), Causeway Bay

Chung Kee Dessert (松記糖水), Causeway Bay

So was the dessert any good? Compared to my usual haunt Honeymoon Dessert, I do think this place squared up to be rather… mediocre. The ice creams were so-so, the fruits were just that… fruits, and the rest are just ingredients compiled into a bowl of not so artfully arranged components, costing anywhere between HK$18-HK$30.

After some research I think the place is more famous for their hot dessert, perhaps Chung Kee Dessert is worth a second visit.

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Chung Kee Dessert (松記糖水)
G/F, G4-G5 Wing Tak Building
15 Canal Road West, Causeway Bay
3480 7222 / Website

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