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You know how the say – “You are what you eat” – which of course refers to your physical appearance? I found another saying which goes:

You are what you read.

Which is true. Especially so when you make it into a daily habit. What you read most of the time, if not every day, will most definitely change your habits.

Take me for example.

I read The Simple Dollar every day; mostly not out of choice but the blogger writes two posts daily on how to live your life the frugal way to achieve financial stability. I am subscribed to his email updates hence his advices, thoughts and musings are part of my daily reads. Whether this is too much or not, I find myself to be more frugal nowadays, thinking twice before splurging on stuff I would have bought impulsively in the past.

Another example: On my Twitter account @razlan79, I follow a list of food bloggers who tweet very often about their gastronomical adventure and with each other. Their lively conversation on my Twitter feed grew my interest in food blogging, and encourages me to go out of my routine to explore new places and try different cuisine. In the past, I viewed eating as something as insignificant as breathing and sleeping. Nowadays, every meal is an adventure; to be immersed in, enjoyed and remembered.

(It also must be noted that due to these two reading habits, I also eat out much less – that’s frugality – but for the occasional meals I eat out, I will make sure it is blogworthy – that’s the foodie talking)

Also on a daily basis I read chick lits (on the way to work, during lunch, before I sleep). You know… those fictions that depict women’s legs, or cartoon drawings of handbags, all in shocking shades of pastel and pink. I have quite a collection, and because of the authors’ writing styles my blogging voice is very much influenced by them. Think Mimi Smartypants and Karyn Bosnak.

Anyway, I rambled on far too much. The point is, if you want to change your daily habits, change the stuff you read every day.

And no, I don’t think reading comics counts. Unless if you want to be a fat cat who thinks diet soda is bad news.

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