The One With The Weekly Time Capsule

At Pak Tai Temple, Cheung Chau

(This blog post is a reflection of events happened in the same week but of past years. What was I up to at this time of the year, every year, since 2005? You and I are about to find out)

In 2009
Virgin Trip to Macau – It was for a working weekend, and we had a couple of hours free-and-easy time on Sunday afternoon. I took the opportunity to explore this unique east-meet-west island. My discovery: Macau is not all about the casinos.
Typhoon Koppu in Hong Kong – Within the same week I had my first experience of a typhoon in Hong Kong, which is a regular occurrence especially during the peak of summer. I was excited and scared in equal measure. And no, I did not have to go to work that day.
An Island Experience in Cheung Chau – The heat must have done my head in. It was almost the hottest day of the year, and yet I made my (lonely) way to Cheung Chau for a spot of cycling, sightseeing, and seafood. I spent most of time doing the latter.

In 2008
No blog posts.

In 2007
Smallville’s Best Episode Ever – My fanaticism towards Smallville reach its peak. There is nothing that tug at my heartstrings like a good christmas movie. In this case, it was more of a christmas episode. Season 5 of Smallville presents Lexmas, a gripping, warm “teaser” that foretold why Lex Luthor made the decisions he will made.

In 2006
Thet’s 24th Birthday – He was a dear, dear friend. I decided to throw a dinner party in his honour. Went out to shop at 2+, and the cooked for 3 hours.

In 2005
What You Should Not Be Doing With Your Life – Read this at Cowboy Caleb’s blog, and oh my… some of them are oh-so-true! And some are what-the-fuck-is-he-talking-about… so here’s my homework

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