The One With The Weekly Time Capsule

My mother and I back in 2006

(This blog post is a reflection of events happened in the same week but of past years. What was I up to at this time of the year, every year, since 2005? You and I are about to find out)

In 2009
Hong Kong for Beginners – A quick round up of what I learned about Hong Kong in the mere weeks I have moved here.

In 2008
The Delicious Bubble of Awesome-ness That Was The Past Weekend – One of the best weekend, evar! This typifies the kind of weekend I would have in Singapore; camwhoring, eating out, eating in, and a little domestic drudgery

In 2007
In the darkness bind them – Random post… of Lord of the Rings vs. Microsoft. Chun bo?

In 2006
My Mum the Cat Woman – The time when my mum (Her Royal Highness, hehe) came back to Malaysia from the States for a visit. This post was a reflection on my relationship with my mother over the years (the strain, the growing up, the brawls, the acceptance), and why I will always be in awe of what she has done for me and my family.

In 2005
No blog posts.

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