The One With The Weekly Time Capsule

Housepacking in Progress

(This blog post is a reflection of events happened in the same week but of past years. What was I up to at this time of the year, every year, since 2005? You and I are about to find out)

In 2009
The Day I Left Singapore… for Good – How my heart break when I put to a close the Singapore chapter of my life. Watching your ten years of possession into nondescript boxes can be heartbreaking.
Hong Kong Funeral – My first time attending a Hong Kong funeral. Very elaborate but a tad commercialised to my feel. Have never attended another since then (which is definitely a good thing, no?)
A Tsuen Wan Experience – Tsuen Wan was my home for the first three months when I moved to Hong Kong. During my entire time here I didn’t explore the various attractions this Cantonese district has to offer. Armed with my faithful Lonely Planet, I set out for a day out around the area. This turned out to be a delightful albeit exhausting adventure.

In 2008
New Balance Real Run – In 2008, in a moment of insanity, I signed up for two marathons; the Standard Chartered Marathon and New Balance Real Run. The results? Well, I never did find out coz I never turn up for either :P

In 2007
No blog posts.

In 2006
No blog posts.

In 2005
No blog posts.

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