The One With The Mecca Of Mooncakes That Is Hong Kong

Four Seasons' Lung King Heen Mooncakes

Cream Custard Mooncake with Toasted Pine Nuts from Four Seasons’ Lung King Heen

Mooncakes. Ah, the bane of my life. I remember there were times when I consider myself a fan of mooncakes, having sampled a large variety back in Malaysia. Like, I can tell the difference between a double and triple and quadruple yolks (the answer lies in the counting, see?).

But those now are fleeting memories from many years ago. Mooncakes, and mid-autumn festival, are no longer features of my life in recent years because:

1) Do you know that one piece of mooncake can contain almost 1,000 kcal? That’s almost two hours on the treadmill. Since I have been on a diet for the past three years, mooncakes (even the “diet” version) is a no-no to me

2) More importantly, when I was 16 my grandfather passed away on mid-autumn festival. From eating a piece of mooncake. From then on my family has stopped celebrating the occasion, and definitely no more mooncakes.

The family tragedy was from more than ten years ago, and my waistline has been reduced to a satisfactory 30″. Alluring blog posts on mooncakes such as this one on motivates me to revisit that ancient Chinese tradition… or at least the eating part :P

But, oh God, where do I start? Hong Kong is not named the Mecca of mooncakes for nothing. Just looking at the phletora of mooncakes available here is mind-boggling.

So I asked around for recommendations from friends and compiled a list of mooncake brands for newbies like me. If you are clueless as yours truly in all things mooncake, probably this will get you started somewhere.

Do you have more recommendations that I should include here?

Popular Brands
Maxim’s (and its offshoot Snowy Mooncakes)
Wing Wah
Kee Wah
Tao Heung

Gourment Brands
Four Seasons’ Lung King Heen Mooncakes
Mandarin Oriental
The Mira Hotel
Agnes b (can’t seem to find the info on their website though)
The Peninsula
Shangri-La Kowloon

Novelty Mooncakes
G.O.D. Mooncakes

You know mooncake is a big thing here when there is even a Crazy Mooncake Person online!

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