The One With The Day After Tomorrow The Movie (And Why I Love It So Much)

The Day After Tomorrow

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The Day After Tomorrow. I remember now why I love it so much.

It was in 2004 when I first caught the movie in cinema. I had always been a fan of the natural disaster movie genre (is there a term for this?), and The Day After Tomorrow (TDAT) definitely tops the list for me, with The Independence Day running a close second.

Over the years I have been watching the movie again and again, and every single time, I loved it. Call me a loyal fan, call me a fanatic, but with this movie the producers put together the perfect concoction of what a GREAT movie should be made of.

Why do I love it so?

It has great CGI-effect and awesome sequencing. After Lord of the Rings and Avatar, TDAT is the prime example of what CGI is capable of. My favorite scene is when the wall of water crushed in from the ocean and swallowed Manhattan in seconds. It’s a powerful reminder on what Mother Nature is capable of. Remember the Asian tsunami in 2004? If you think you can continue to consume natural resources with no dire consequences, think again.

It has the perfect (if somewhat cheesy) romantic storyline. Nothing can beat the pureness of teenage love. The chemistry between Sam (played by the droolsome Jake Gyllenhaal) and Laura (played by the angelic Emmy Rossum) was undeniable. Complete with a thirdsome side kick (Brian) and a dashing love threat (J.D.), the love story was as predictable as it possibly can be, but a heartwarming one nonetheless. Possibly so because the naive yours truly is a sucker for romantic tales.

It has the perfect family story as a sub plot. Nothing like a (natural) disaster to unite a broken family; a divorced set of parents who still love each other, and a love-hate complexity in a father-and-son relationship. How a mother puts another child’s welfare over her own safety, how a father risks his life to keep his promise to his son, and how a son was unwaveringly steadfast in his faith for his father. Pure fantasy stuff, but hey anything is possible in a movie, and that’s why you and I fall for it!

It sets the scene to show that opposites can indeed work together in times of needs. Like the librarian who loves her books very much but accepted that her beloveds will be fuel to keep them alive. Like how to literature lovers have opposite views on their favorite writers but both agree to disagree. And how the rich always, always has a thing or two to learn from the homeless.

It showcases the best of the courageous humankind, and it gives me hope. The director expertly interwoven various humanity story lines of thoughtfulness, kindness and selflessness. It shows us how we can be better persons to others who are, after all, not very much different from us.

The Day After Tomorrow

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The Day After Tomorrow. I remember now why I love it so much. Because it made me cry in joy, sadness and hope for what the humanity can be, and will be.

A great popcorn movie, and one which is worth the DVD investment.

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