The One With The Constants & Variables In Life

Linear Algebra

It was late one night after a surprisingly productive evening. A reunion with an old friend over bowls of fat-laden-but-oh-so-delicious desserts in a historical building. The joy of friendship rejuvenated, of great food devoured, of grand atmosphere soaked in.

You know, only the drama-mama me can make a simple night out sounded so glamourous.

Anyway, I digressed. We talked about how lives had been for us for the past year. How certain things which seem so obvious to us but not so to other. How even the biggest amount of planning and faith could not overturn what fate has in store for us.

When you encountered an obstacle in life and nothing seems to work, it is worth it to take a step back and look at the constants and variables in that particular obstacles, no matter how insignificant it appeared to you.

Tried ten different diets to lose weight but still stay the old tubby you? The variable is the diet, the constant is you.

Have a friend whom everyone seem to be losing touch with through no one’s fault? The variable is everyone, the constant is that friend.

Working on a project based on company’s best practices but achieving different results every time? The variable is the result, the constant, the best practices.

You get the picture. More often than not, in these obstacles the problem usually lies in the constant.

It is probably your own fault not being able to lose weight, not the different diets.

It is probably your friend’s fault that everyone is slipping away.

It is probably the not-so-aptly-named best practice which resulted in fluctuating outcomes.

When you see the constant, the problem becomes clear. Resolve it. Improve it. Enhance it. Change it.

Suddenly the obstacle is no longer an obstacle. It is a constant that should be turned into a variable.

It suddenly occurred to me that I can do three sets of sixty sit ups within ten minutes.

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