The One With Living With A Reduced Waistline

Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How!

Everyone knows the principles of losing weight, even if you find them too difficult to put into practice. It is no rocket science; to reduce those stubborn flaps you need to do three basic things:
1) Motivate yourself, perhaps with a trainer
2) Stick to a healthy diet (and perhaps save some dollars in the process)
3) Exercise, exercise, exercise. Done? Do it again. And then again.

You might not be able to do all three at the same time. Start small. Choose one target, and then take one day at a time. When it doesn’t felt like too much work, then start another one.

The only variable here is time. Patience is virtue; don’t expect to lose weight overnight. It took me three years to change from this….

… to this:

Amazed? So am I. Then again you don’t have to be so surprised; I worked hard at it, you know.

The next question is: What do I do now that I have lost the pounds?

My weight loss tips are ones that many people – from trainers to doctors to friends – can tell you. We have one hundred and one tips on how to lose weight.

But nobody seems to be able to tell you how to deal with your new body.

What do I mean? As someone who has lost like ten inches from my waist, and approximate 20 kg off mt frame, I should know.

I still feel that I could lose more weight.

I still think that I am fat in people’s eyes.

I still feel it is not time – yet – to buy new clothes.

I still worry if people look at me and feel grossed out.

In short: Physically I might have achieved my goals. But how about mentally? How do you deal with the emotional repercussion of losing weight?

To this day, this is something I still have to grapple with. Don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy. I am delighted to be where I am today.

I just wonder if I am who I want to be, today.

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2 Thoughts on “The One With Living With A Reduced Waistline

  1. That is pretty damn impressive. The one way I keep my weight under control is a digital scale, every morning, and I am not allowed to drink unless I am under a certain level. Works fast (for me :)

  2. TomEats – Not able to drink? I assume you mean alcohol? Which begs the next question… you drink everyday? If so, you sound like my kind of man! ;)

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