The One With Pho Tai – Healthy Vietnamese Cuisine

Pho Tai Vietnamese Restaurant

When it comes to Vietnamese food these are all I know:

1) They are healthy
2) They are soupy
3) They are usually cheap

Okay, these are not necessarily true, but for someone who is as novice to Vietnamese cuisine as yours truly, this is as good as it gets. So when I first moved into Sheung Wan and discovered that there is a Pho Tai Vietnamese Restaurant just a few steps from my gym (how apt, work your ass off and then haul it into a healthy joint), I made it into one of my frequent haunts.

Not a favorite, mind you, but a frequent one nonetheless.

Pho Viet Restaurant, Sheung Wan

One of the things which really attracts me to Pho Tai is the free serving of raw vegetables available at every table. It reminds me on the good ol’ days when I trawled the back streets of Phuket, finding roadside stalls, and tuck into the mountain of fresh greens just like these alongside with the locals. Since then I have been on the lookout for such leafy treats… and no, doing it at home is just not the same.

Pho Tai Vietnamese Restaurant

There are two popular types of set meals here. Set B allows you to have one main dish and one drink (those $18 and below) OR one side dish at HK$38. Set C provides one main dish, one side dish and one drink at HK$49. Both are absolutely good deal, if you ask me, especially when you dine in group, each of you ordering a different combination and then share the dishes across the table.

Pho Tai Vietnamese Restaurant

One of my personal favourite is the shredded grilled chicken with cold vermicelli. I am a sucker for cold noodles mixed with fresh ingredients, so this dish is perfect for my palate. Especially the fresh shallots and crushed peanuts. Usually I will go easy on the cold “sour soup” which goes into the bowl while you toss the whole thing together like a salad. Very refreshing. The portion is usually very big so I would recommend sharing it with a friend.

Pho Viet Restaurant, Sheung Wan

Yet another dish I will always try, especially if I dine alone, is the raw beef noodle in soup. Few places can do these just to the right degree; the beef is cooked just right, not overly raw, and the herbal-like soup is just what I need on a night when I am usually on a diet but what to go for something just a little heavier than my diet allows.

Pho Thai Vietnamese Restaurant, Sheung Wan

There is a drink on the menu which is called the coconut juice. Don’t expect it to be the clear coconut juice you get from the shell itself; it is actually coconut milk with ice. I don’t fancy it but for some reasons I ordered it twice so had to endure the diet-busting drinks every time. But whatever float you boat, I would say.

All in all, I would say this place is good for you if you are looking for a no-fuss Vietnamese meal, especially so when you are on a budget. Of course it helps if you live just five minutes away, heh.

Pho Tai Vietnamese Restaurant
49 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan
2127 7564

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  1. I like this one too! Been there two weeks ago

  2. I think they are a couple of Pho Tai around HK. Which one did you go to?

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