The One With Fat Angelo’s At Elgin Street, Central

Update: Fat Angelo’s at Elgin Street is now no longer in operation

Excellent Night Out at Fat Angelo

I am a creature of habit. My first impulse, when asked to choose for a dinner venue, would always be either Fat Angelo’s at Central, or New Star Hotpot in Mongkok. It doesn’t matter whether it is a gathering of friends or even dates. These places are tested-and-proven for me.

And because Fat Angelo’s are a mere HKD18 cab ride away from my place, I frequent them more than I care to admit.

Fat Angelo's @ Central

I have had some of the most wonderful time here, including my birthday dinner this year. There is something about the atmosphere of the place. The wait staff always make you feel special, even if they can look a little harassed on crowded nights. The setup is suitable for small families, rowdy teenagers, even intimate couples.

Birthday Dinner @ Fat Angelo's SoHo

So, why do I love this place so much? Well, for a couple of reasons. Some of the dishes are consistenly good. The appetiser platter (HKD188) consisting of fried calamari, onion rings, buffalo chicken wings and soft shell crabs is always a good bet. If you order any of the mains, it comes with a complimentary house salad.

But the biggest draw for me – and there is no prize for guessing – would be Hoegaarden on the tap (about HKD60 a pint):

Birthday Dinner @ Fat Angelo's SoHo

I can down these babies by the pints, I can assure you. It takes a couple of this to actually knock me out. And then again I am so close to home that “knocking me out” is not such a big hassle afterall.

Another great food at Fat Angelo’s, one that I enjoyed on the house during my birthday, is their tiramisu (HKD38)!

Birthday Dinner @ Fat Angelo's SoHo

It has the lightest sponge layers, ever, dipped in the most aromatic coffee, with rich hints of egg yolks and a healthy dosage of liquor and a smattering layer of cocoa on top. It was my birthday, so I swallowed the damn thing. It was delicious beyond belief (okay maybe the Hoegaarden helped, heh).

But of recent visits I tried some of the other dishes new to me, and to my surprise it was really different. And not in a good way.

For example, the spaghetti and meatballs (HKD124)

Fat Angelo's @ Central

How difficult it is to make this classic dish at least reasonably edible? Alas, the one time I tried, the meat balls were dry, the pasta seem congealed, and the whole thing was tasty because I added liberal amount of pepper and ketchup on it. Eventhough I was hungry then, I couldn’t bring myself to finish the whole thing.

My friend, with the grilled Atlantic salmon (HKD158) wasn’t that lucky either. Apparently the fish was overcooked, eventhough he can tell the fillet was fresh. Only with dashes of tobasco that it became slightly more palatable. Like me, he didn’t finish his dinner, either.

Fat Angel's @ Central

Don’t get me wrong. I still think Fat Angelo’s is a great place to dine at. Perhaps that one time I went at which the food quality nose-dived just wasn’t my night. I have trust in the place so much that I even bought their VIP Package (HKD498) which has some really fantastic deals, such as HKD400 vouchers and tonnes of money saving coupons.

Highly recommended for a group gathering when food is not the priority but your friends are.

Reviewed Elsewhere:

Word Sage Valen: “The food was authentically awesome Italian, and of course, we were really filled up! The clams and mussels pasta was delicious, so al dente!”

Fat Angelo’s Italian Restaurant
32-40 Wellington Street, Central
2973 6808
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