The One With A Triple O Deluxe – Finger Licking Good

Before your imagination starts to run wild, a Triple O is not, you know, the sexual advantage a woman has over a man.

If you really want to me to explicit… to quote Ross on how a woman triumphs over a man: “Multiple orgasms!”

Alright, my point is, Triple O is nothing of the sexual connation sort. But rather, it is a little known burger chain located all over Hong Kong.

Roast Beef Deluxe Combo at Triple O, Pacific Place

Most of us would be more familiar with chains like McDonald’s and Burger King. How do you find them? Out of the lack of choices, and considering only McDonald’s do any kind of delivery, I have put up with the somewhat bland and dry taste that all their burgers seem to suffer. And did you hear about the plan where McDonald’s teamed up with Weight Watcher taunting that their meals are actually healthy?

It gotta be one of the most ludicrous claims I have came across in the past year.

Roast Beef Deluxe Combo at Triple O, Pacific Place

Now back to the Triple O at Pacific Place Mall my friends and I visited before watching the movie Step Up 3D. The Roast Beef Deluxe meal I order came with a somewhat gigantic burger laden with cholestrol – but hey what did you expect? The beef was freshly made, I am sure, laden with cheese and the usual condiment, and a piece of pickle right on top in case you are not a fan of vinegar-soaked preserved vegetables.

It was a messy dining experience but finger licking good to the last bite. My friends had the fish burger, which was equally delicious, but I might recommend you to give the chicken burger a pass, which was supposed bland and a little dry on the side.

Roast Beef Deluxe Combo at Triple O, Pacific Place

The whole set meal, with some fries (thick, golden brown, but I was undecided on the sauce) and a drink cost some HK$89 dollars. Not exactly your run-of-the-mill fast food prices, but at that quality I do think it is worth the price.

But like all fast food, never never make it a habit. Once in a while indulgence is fine.

Recommended if you are in a shopping mall where dining options are too common for your taste. Triple O will do you just fine.

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