The One With The Very Bad Dinner

Today I went to an old familiar place for dinner. On previous occasions when I visited, the food was consistently bad. But I went back anyway because it is familiar, and that’s comforting to me. It was either that, or I am a closeted fan of gastronomical version of S&M.

The place never fail to disappoint.

I ordered rice with luncheon meat and eggs. Five minutes later the said plate of food appeared on my table. Exactly what I have ordered – luncheon meat and eggs on top of rice. Drizzled with soya sauce. And nothing else.

I was almost tempted to berate the waiter for adding the said soya sauce which I did not order. But I swallowed my anger and finished that plate of food anyway. It was vile, of course.

On another note, I realised I already have two half boiled eggs at lunch. So I had four eggs today. I will probably keel over from cholesterol overdose any minute now.

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