The One With The Day Trip To Mui Wo

Welcome to Mui Wo

Hong Kong outlying islands provide an endless supply of fascinating spots for the newcomers (like yours truly) to visit. This sunny afternoon I decided to sail for Mui Wo, located some 30 minutes by fast ferry from Central Hong Kong Island.

Welcome to Mui Wo

Mui Wo is a small industrious-looking town located at Silvermine Bay, which is at the south of Lantau Island. Prior to the development of Ngong Ping and Tung Chung, it was the major island getaway from HK-ers to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Right now the crowd has trickled away to other parts of Lantau Island, but it suits just fine.

For I really had wanted to get away from it all… even if it is just for a bit.

Silvermine Bay

The main attraction here, of course, was the Silvermine Bay. Of all the beaches I have visited in Hong Kong (which is, to be honest, not that many), this beach is the most unspoiled one I have seen so far. It wasn’t very crowded given that it was a beautiful Sunny afternoon, and it gave more than just a tad of that Phuket-y feel to the stretch of endless sand.

Silvermine Bay

Families and teenagers shared the same space for BBQs, birthday parties, volleyballs, cycling… it was hard to feel stressed in such an environment. As I sat there at the bench by the beach, the stress of the week that has gone by ebbed away.

Mui Wo Cooked Food Centre

There was also the Mui Wo Cooked Food Centre; a row of restaurants and cafes lining up waterfront to the right of the harbour as you alight. There wasn’t the same glitz and fanfare of tanks of live seafood, cheerful table settings and over-enthusiastic owners as of other islands, but there were quite a number of foodies seen sampling available ware. However, I was surprised at the prices, which is comparable to what I could find at the more touristy spots such as Lamma Island. Being of the bygone area, I thought it wouldn’t be this expensive to dine here.

So we didn’t.

Mui Wo Town

The town itself was very… peaceful. None of your usual hustle of city life. In fact, it felt like I was transported back to my old hometown in Malaysia. There was a couple of rent-a-bike shops, a Wellcome, a Park ‘n Shop, a HSBC, and even a McDonald’s. I also spotted some real estate agents office (more details), and true enough the prices here are on the high side. Yes, you can get a place of some 700 sqm for HK$7K a month, but it will be located at the outskirt of Mui Wo.

I can’t imagine staying so far out, really. Imagine the commute. But I found that most residents of Mui Wo who worked at Kowloon or HK Island enjoy regular ferry rides which takes about 30 mins to-and-fro.

China Bear at Mui Wo

Of course, the main attraction of Mui Wo town would be the famous China Bear (click here for my review on I had a great experience there devouring its popular fish and chips, and a surprisingly good serving of curry mutton. The service and atmosphere were good so it was a good experience for me, so I was a little more than shocked to see this somewhat defamatory piece on the place. The subsequent comments make an entertaining read, if you could be arsed enough to do so.

Day Trip to Mui Wo

All in all it was a great first experience in Mui Wo, one that I will definitely love to repeat. This place is not somewhere you would travel to for great seafood. But if what you crave for is.. an escape from the stress of HK life (ask anyone who lives in HK, they will concur that life here is not a bed of roses), Mui Wo will serve you beautifully.

I will be back! Not that I am a hiking enthusiast, but I heard you can walk to Tung Chung on food. Mind you, that will take a few hours, but whatever floats your boat!

7 Thoughts on “The One With The Day Trip To Mui Wo

  1. You are absolutely right. The first time I saw Mui Wo, it reminded me of my home town in Klang. That's why I persuaded my husband to get a flat here. Great blog, by the way!

  2. Thanks Ivy! So you are now living in Mui Wo? Is there a must-eat place you would recommend, as someone from Malaysia? I am thinking of visiting again. HK (the city) is driving me nuts!

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  4. I think you already ate there: The seafood centre by the sea. I heard The Stoep does quite good curry but haven't checked it out yet. It's a taxi ride away: G/F, 32 Lower Cheung Sha Village

  5. @ Ivy – Thanks! I intend to come back one day to enjoy the Silvermine Bay. It looked very clean and there is very little crowd.

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