The One With Step Up 3D The Movie (And Why It Rocked My World)

You know how certain movies have the magic of entertaining you, uplifting your spirit and make you feel good about life? That happened to me recently with Step Up 3D, a movie about a tight-knit group of New York City street dancers and their trials leading up the Olympic of street dance, the World Jam.

Rick Malambri & Sharni Vinson in Step Up 3D

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I had always been an avid movie fans of the musical and dance genres, so it is not surprising how much I enjoyed this one. The dashing lead role, Luke (played by the delicious Rick Malambri) and his lady counterpart, the gorgeous, gorgeous Natalie (played by a beautiful Sharni Vinson) made an awesome dancing pair on the silver screen. It was hard not to gasp and be awed by their talent; the slick dance moves, from street dance to tango (yes, there was a ballroom scene) will shock you into that moment of insanity thinking you can do what they did and wanted to join a dance class, right that minute.

But hold on second, there’s more to the movie.

Rick Malambri & Adam Sevani in Step Up 3D

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The real star who stole the limelight of the show was without a doubt the dorky but oh-so-adorable NYU freshman in the shape of Moose (I suspect it’s the hair) played by one Adam Sevani. Goofy to the max, driven by his passion for the dance, watching him struggling between that and his study and his best friend, Camille… it was like watching one’s life as a struggling adolescence, not very much unlike you and I, once upon a time, long long ago.

The brotherhood chemistry between Luke and Moose was undeniable. When disaster strucked, when all hope seem lost and dreams were shattered on real-life trouble – ex-best-friend rivalry, overdue mortgage and the practicality of life – the trust, faith and hope they had for each other was something to behold.

It was almost like an affirmation to life.

Step Up 3D

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Of course the movie ended well; what did you expect? So some of the circumstances were too good to be true… but hey, I would rather enjoy a movie with a happy ending, and I pity you if you are one of those sad fucks who only go for sappy stuff.

Like all movies of recent months, it was done in 3D. My friends and I thought it would be a cheesy attempt to extort the extra dollars from us… but we were in for a surprise. The effect was extremely well done, totally justifying the higher ticket price we paid.

And best of all….

Real 3D Glasses for 3D Movies

… I got my very own 3D glasses! Alright, I admit that I am kinda dorky to be excited with something as unexciting like a pair of cheap plastic glasses, but hey you find joy in whatever little things you have in life. Just like in the movie, it is all the little things that matter.

The message? Live your dream, for if you don’t, you will never find out what you REALLY capable of.

Highly recommended!

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