The One With 7 Reasons Why Summer Is Fabulous At Hong Kong Beaches

When I first moved to Hong Kong in mid of summer 2009, I couldn’t understand why the locals were overjoyed with the soaring temperature. What was so great with stinky armpits and sweaty foreheads? Perhaps I have lived in Singapore for too long, summer is a “year-long” season for me.

Then came winter, of which I enjoyed tremendously. Donning outfit after outfit of winter bests, seeing your own breathe fogging up right in your face were new experiences to me.

Too soon winter was over, and suddenly it is hot all over again in Hong Kong. But this time round, I start to see this season of holiday through a Hong Kong-er’s eyes, and begin to understand why summer in Hong Kong can only be described as fabulous.

It is the beaches. With over 200 outlying islands, and a long coastline full of spectacular bays and beaches, there are more than enough beautiful beaches in Hong Kong to frolic your days away at.

So I don my new swimming trunk (thanks Dennis!) and slap on luxurious amount of sun block, and off to the beaches I went to explore.

Lazy Afternoon at South Bay Beach

Fabulous Reason #1 – Suntanning

Who needs indoor tanning studio when you have glorious sun for months to end? Granted, many HK-ers went to the extreme of getting some colour on their skin, they tan at both the beaches and studios… like yours truly. Take a stroll down town on weekend and you’ll be greeted by hordes of beautifully bronzed and sunkissed hunks and babes flaunting as much as skin as their skimpy summer fashion allows.

Before you head to the beach, however, check the latest weather forecast by the government, which is (unfortunately) prone to last minute changes.

Silvermine Bay

Fabulous Reason #2 – A Quick Getaway

The beaches in Hong Kong are simply in a world of their own when compared to those in Singapore. Back at the city state, I hardly venture to the beaches, for the journey to and fro plus the destination itself were too much stress to be worth the effort. It almost felt like I went into town; but instead of traffic and concrete, I found myself stuck with too many people and too much sand.

But in Hong Kong… just by getting to even the most crowded beach, like Repulse Bay, you will feel like being on a holiday. The expressway isn’t jammed, your taxi snails its way pass hills and tunnels, and the beach greets with roars of wave and swaying palm trees.

It felt like…. paradise. A quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. I strongly recommend a day trip to Mui Wo.

Lazy Afternoon at South Bay Beach

Fabulous Reason #3 – Friends & Socialising

Heading to the beach on a weekend seems to be favorite past time of Hong Kong-ers. I have yet to meet too many locals who will say no to a trip of frolicking in the sand. For a great trip out under the sun, here’s a checklist of what you’ll need:
– Beer. Lots of beer. Did I mention beer?
– Snacks. Not too much of it, you don’t want to feel fat in your trunks
– Music and speakers

Not too high an order, was it? Of course, bring an open mind and mingle around. Catch up with friends both old and new. There is something magical about the ocean breeze which thaw the iciness of stagnant friendships and stilted conversations.

Afternoon Excursion to Lamma Island

Fabulous Reason #4 – Food, Glorious Food

The beaches of Hong Kong and its surrounding towns offer some of the best seafood available here. More often than not you will find bars fronting the seaside (like China Bear at Mui Wo, offering morsels of pub grubs such as friend calamari, burgers, fries and the like… though prices will vary depending on which beach you are at.

Of course, you will also have the option to take a break from the suntanning and head to the nearest seafood restaurant for an amazing meal, which is more often than not much tastier and cheaper compared to their mainland counterparts. Or you can be prepared and have a nice BBQ right at the beach.

Being under the sun for a long period time has the effect of making one’s stomach grumbles. So be prepared for a feasting extravaganza of the seafood variety during your trip to a Hong Kong beach.

People watching at the beach

Fabulous Reason #5 – People Watching

One can easily passes time at the beach by sitting back, wear a pair of shades and discreetly eye up your fellow sun worshipers. Again, depending on which beach you are at, more often than not you will be rewarded with sculpted bodies (of the men) and endless legs (of the ladies).

There was once when my friends and I were minding our own business when a whole group of gweilo (means Caucasians) ladies stumbled onto the beach in their bikinis, giggling and shrieking at each other while sipping margaritas.

It was a scene right out of Sex and the City, I tell you!

Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach

Fabulous Reason #6 – Watersports

With its strong wave and sunny weather on most weekends, some of Hong Kong beaches are famous for their watersports. You will need to know where to go, of course. For example, Tung Wan Beach at Cheung Chau is where you should head to for windsurfing. Apparently that was where Hong Kong’s only Olympic gold medalist (in windsurfing, of course) was born and trained.

I am not a big fan of watersports (hint: I can’t swim), but you can check out this site for more information.


Fabulous Reason #7 – Photography

All the perfect ingredients for the perfect photo are present; the sun, the sea, the sky. If you are an amateur photographer (like me) visiting the beach on a perfect summer day, you will be hard not to take awesome shots. What you need is that unique angle to take an exception shot, like the one above. Big ship versus small boat. I reckon it’s a visual statement of the rich and the poor in Hong Kong.

Here’s a list of some of the best beaches in Hong Kong. Which is your favorite?

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7 Thoughts on “The One With 7 Reasons Why Summer Is Fabulous At Hong Kong Beaches

  1. Pictures and food for me. I love the city. It lends itself to photography so well. The people, the buildings, the lights, they’re all so incredible. And then there’s the food. Food unlike any other I’ve ever had in my life. And so reasonably priced… I will be coming back soon Honk Kong.

  2. That’s exactly why I love living in HK. It surprises me at every turn.

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  6. Alex on 5 June, 2012 at 10:11 pm said:

    Hey man, love the blog! I’m moving to hong kong this August and it’s great reading about all the stuff to do that’s not in the guide books, especially the beaches, being English we don’t get much sun!! Keep it up! :)

  7. Hey Alex, welcome to the blog! When you are moving to Hong Kong, do
    give me a holler…. though come August, I am going to London for a
    visit ;)

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