The One With 5 Useful Tips For A Great Travel Experience

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What makes a great holiday? If you are anything like me, you would have taken holiday paths both well-trodden and unknown, and to places near and afar. You would have accumulated quite a few well-shared travel tips and funny anecdotes. All these come together as somewhat like a compass in your heart, to be whipped out with a flourish when you plan for your next holiday.

Here’s my tips for a great holiday experience, as published on

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  1. I think that the most important thing about the holidays is being able to spend them with your family and close friends. Share with the people who mean the most to you and to be able to thank them for being there for you all year long.Then thank God!! its all over for another year!!

  2. I’ll definitely post the link as soon as it becomes available. I checked tonight but the review hasn’t been posted yet.


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