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The One With 7 Lessons Learnt From The Manila Hostage Tragedy

(Photo by CNN.com)

#1 – If I am ever in a country where disaster strikes, the first thing I’ll do is to call my family and post updates on all my social networks to tell everyone that I am okay. Unless I am one of those unfortunate few stuck in the said crisis

#2 – I will never hold my grudges towards anyone (tryanic bosses, psychotic wife etc) against the innocent public. The dead hostages did nothing wrong. Vent against the ones who actually wronged you.

#3 – Never use a sledgehammer against bus windows. Especially when I have better weapons like an axe or a jackhammer, or when there are international news crew watching

#4 – On a similar note; never use ropes to pull apart doors. Some heavy duty chains will do nicely. Ditto the truck

#5 – Should I ever need to speak in representation of my organisation, I will make sure I use proper, understandable English. If not, I shall keep my mouth shut and get someone else who can do a better job instead

#6 – I will remember to listen carefully to questions asked (the reporters are trained to get facts everyone wants to hear), answer as truthfully as possible and avoid jargon designed to protect my ass. Like we didn’t know the injured were being rushed to the hospitals

#7 – If I ever get to name a police squad, I will avoid using the name SWAT on a group of men who didn’t even wear rain-repelling goggles while operating under a thunderstorm.

On that note, my condolences to those affected by the hostage situation in Manila. You can also do a little more for the victims by “Like”-ing the Facebook page.

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