The One With The Amazing Birthday Weekend

My birthday cake

To say that my 31st birthday has been uneventful would be an understatement.

Contrary to previous years, of which I celebrated my birthdays with much fanfare, this year has been a departure from tradition. No big parties, no draft beer (on the tap!), no long guest list, no puking, no loud music.

But it was certainly a birthday to remember.

Birthday dinner at Fat Angelo's

Sometimes, all you need for that perfect birthday is the knowledge that your friends were there for you, and they know how special the day was for someone who has turned from being the fabulous thirty to the other side of the unknown thirty-one. The fact that you cared – whether you dined with, called, posted message for or texted me – I remember.

I remember that you remembered. And for that, I thank you.

A rainy Macau

The birthday, then, took an unusual but not an unplanned for turn, when I took to the sea and sailed for Macau. That sounded grand… for it was. The weekend was nothing if but spectacular. From the luxurious hotel, the lovely ambiance, my beginner luck at the casino to the fond company I had, it was a perfect concoction of effort, time and fate to make me feel loved on my special day, and that things can indeed be right for me, for once.

The perfect birthday lunch

Does this entry sounded depressing to you? If so, I apologise for the confusion. For deep down I am far from being nostalgic about the weekend that has come to pass. Perhaps nostalgic is not the right word…. rather, I am sentimental.

Sentimental because birthdays are meant to be a point of your life where not only you reflect the year that has gone by, but to take the moment to do what you really want to do… and for me, this year, I wanted it to be about me.

Not you, not them, but me. It was a perfect birthday in totally different ways. I am blessed, and grateful.

And on that note, I shall look forward to the year ahead with much faith and hope. Stay with me as I partook yet another year of my life journey.

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