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The One With The Rule Of Five

At times we feel the need to be rigidly bounded by rules and such when we make plans for ourselves. Rules make making decisions easy. It tells us what can be done and what cannot be done, hopefully with nothing in between.

The Rule of Five is my own creation. You see, I like the number “5”. It is not too much to say I have plenty to work with, and yet it is not too little for me to justify ignoring it. It does not give me the grief of having, say 2-and-2 or 3-and-3. There is always something in the middle, an average “3”, which makes everything seems a little less bias and more even out.

So when I decide that I will make a list of resolutions for my coming birthday, I will abide by the rule of five. Five areas of my life which I want to take charge, with five action steps for each, all to be accomplished within five days/weeks/months.

I could probably do this. Five is the magical number.

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