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The One With The Life Like No Other

My 30th birthday

It has been a year to the date since I turned thirty.

Words seem a little inadequate to describe the complex emotion churning in my mind right now. Often I told myself, at birthdays, I should look back at the year which has gone past and be grateful of my blessings, my successes, my triumphs.

But this time round… I told myself also to look at my failures and my troubles. For in each grain of pain lies a chance for me to learn something, to be myself… only better.

Call it a sign of age, if you will.

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The One With A Great Wednesday Morning

The One With A Great Wednesday Morning

Three things happened to make my Wednesday morning extraordinarily good.

#1 Instead of the usual lethargy and dread waking up every morning, my head was buzzing with the business idea I cooked up last night, and I am all geared to make that a reality

#2 I overpaid the taxi driver twenty bucks, and he horned after me to return the extra. How gratifying. Usually I am the one who return extra change to sellers

#3 Decided to give Pacific Coffee a try when my favorite Starbucks closed down. Was checking in and telling my friend I took his advice… only to turn around and saw him walking into the same outlet.

All in all, a good day. Life is made of small moments like this.

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The One With The Rule Of Five

At times we feel the need to be rigidly bounded by rules and such when we make plans for ourselves. Rules make making decisions easy. It tells us what can be done and what cannot be done, hopefully with nothing in between.

The Rule of Five is my own creation. You see, I like the number “5”. It is not too much to say I have plenty to work with, and yet it is not too little for me to justify ignoring it. It does not give me the grief of having, say 2-and-2 or 3-and-3. There is always something in the middle, an average “3”, which makes everything seems a little less bias and more even out.

So when I decide that I will make a list of resolutions for my coming birthday, I will abide by the rule of five. Five areas of my life which I want to take charge, with five action steps for each, all to be accomplished within five days/weeks/months.

I could probably do this. Five is the magical number.

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The One With Being Alone But Not Lonely

At a home gathering recently, a close of friend of mine commented on how I seem to be unable to be on my own for a long period of time.

“What do you mean?” I asked, more puzzled than insulted.

She then ranted off how I always seem to have “someone of the moment”; be it a date, a fling, a friend etc. I have this aura of need, a somewhat a disability to be on my own.

While I disagree that this could be the truth, I can’t deny that it’s not 100% inaccurate either. A simple scroll back to my Facebook updates, Twitter tweets and blog posts reveal as much.

If I am incapable of being alone, why do I, then, have been resolutely single for the past seven years?

You know how some questions are best left unanswered? This is one of them.

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The One With My Mom & Facebook

The One With My Mom & Facebook

I have just spent a good part of my once-in-a-while phone conversation with my mom discussing our various Facebook updates. I even taught her how to “unlike” a page.

The surrealism of this left me a little amused. Technology has indeed changed so much of the way we communicate, even across generations continents apart.

Of course I know Facebook (or any other online communication medium) does not replace real life interaction, but it is such an integral part of our social fabric that we would be stupid to ignore it.

I wait with abated breathe for the day when my mom start tweeting.

The One With The Exceptional Starbucks Experience

My favourite breakfast for the month.

Dear Starbucks,

The news that your Hysan Avenue branch is closing down hit me hard. Especially so since I have been to that particular outlet for more than fifty times in the space of two months.

Yes, I am the Foursquare mayor of that branch.

It took me some time to get used to visiting your Times Square branch. However, this morning you had a little surprise for me. Your staff from the Hysan branch were relocated here, and they remember my usual morning order. The joy and comfort of familiar faces were very comforting.

Thank you for keeping your customer experience consistent and engaging, no matter what your commercial circumstances may be. As you might know, you are very important to me.

Yours sincerely,

The One With The Idiotic Taxi Driver

Dear Mr. Taxi Driver,

I am writing to express my complete dissatisfaction with your service rendered to me this morning as I was rushing to work.

When you turned into a new route before making the recommendation, you left me no choice but to agree. When the traffic crawled to a complete stop, you didn’t have the courtesy to turn off one of your many blaring speakers; the radio, the taxi station and your own music.

And then the traffic moved, and yet you took the longer route through some of the main streets of Causeway Bay, before dropping me 100 metres away from where my destination is.

I would like to inform you that the fare I paid you, which was double than what I usually paid for, is cursed.

So, fuck you, bastard, for the bad start to my Monday.

Yours sincerely,

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