The One With The (Somewhat New) Brand Hong Kong

The One With The (Somewhat New) Brand Hong Kong

It seems that there were some backlashes from the online community on the newly redesigned “Brand Hong Kong” movement. To the uninitiated, this is a government branding campaign to attract talent, investment and… something else which I couldn’t remember, to Hong Kong.

(The fact that I couldn’t remember the third factor says something about the campaign, which was under heavy spotlight recently, intentionally or not).

Well, I like to think I am a talent to Hong Kong, and decided to take a look at the campaign objectively.

I immersed myself in the comparison between the old and new logos and immediately some alarming questions popped in my head:
1) I recognised the old logo, and never seen the new one. And I have been here for almost a year
2) The second logo, with its colourful, flowing ribbon, reminds me of the gay rainbow flag
3) The entire rebranding exercise (more fascinating info here) cost HK$1.4 mil. What?!

Here’s how the campaign worked for me; actually, it didn’t. I have no sense of “attraction” whatsoever to the new tagline nor the new logo. I came to Hong Kong simply because of what the city has to offer; opportunities, possibilities, and new experiences.

Hong Kong lives up the its new tagline “Asia’s World City”, but that was conveyed to me by its people. The local HK-ers who more than welcomed me into their ranks with open arms (somewhat), and the Singaporeans/Malaysians who have been here for years and vouched for their second home.

In case you are missing the point of this post, here it is in a nutshell. Hong Kong attracts not by fancy core values nor expensive new logos. It’s the people who speak up for this wonderful city. Everyday I was reminded why Hong Kong will play a big part of my adult life, possibly for years to come.

So, to the government of Hong Kong… do do the right thing. Spend that pile of taxpayers’ money on what’s important to them (I could imagine there will be more than one), and nurture them the ambassadors to the city.

But let’s give credit to the government not for the lack of trying. At least the backlash highlighted the campaign to folks like me.

Bad publicity is better than no publicity, yes?

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