The One With The Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self

The One With The Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self

Dear Me,

Hi! This is your 30-year-old self writing. You’ll never guess, but fourteen years from now, there is this book which got insanely popular and inspired thousands to write a letter to their younger selves.

So don’t worry, you are not getting any crazier than you already are. You are just trying to blend in with the crowd.

Surprised that you are still doing that? I know… right now, you are still trying to figure out who you are, and how to fit in with your new classmates. Guess what… you will still be doing that when you are 20. Or 30.

At 20, you will move to a new country, doing your degree in… no, not music; Mom will be relieved! But in engineering.

What a dork, you said? I know, right. But soon you will realise you have a talent for logic and numbers. In Singapore (yes, that’s where you’ll spend ten years of your life… hmmm, I shouldn’t have told you that!), you’ll make and break a number of friendships. Some will fizzle out after a few weeks, while a select few will last till today, even as I am writing this.

You’ll be a big as a house. Just kidding… now, not really. Watch those food intake, especially when you are stressed during exams. One day, your waistline will hit 40″ and no ready-made pants will fit you. You might not realise it now, but those will be the reasons you are miserable in your 20s.

Overweight, unfashionable, a tub of lard.

Not all is lost, though. You are doing well now in class, and you will continue to do so in the future. You will get good jobs, and you will be blessed with many great bosses. Your career will fly you to places, and I do mean literally. Bangkok, Istanbul, Athens, Santorini, Vienna, Budapest… travels will feature greatly in your life.

Ah yes. You will shed those inches. It’ll be hard work, but you manage to do it. So give yourself a pat on the back when the deed is done.

And when you are about to turn 30, life will throw you another big ball of challenge. You will move to another country again. That’s where I am at now. I won’t tell you which country, but you must be prepared. It’s a great place, but not without problems and downsides.

It is tough getting started all over again in a new place, especially when you are older. But you did it before in Singapore, so you can do it again in Hong Kong.

Shit, I let the cat out of the bag. Oh well….

Oh yeah. You know that lover you are having now? Soon it’ll be over. No one’s fault, really, it is just one of those things. It will be another four years before your next one will come along, so be patient. But even when it does, don’t dwell on it too much, coz you will be two-timed.

Lovers and dates will come and go. Don’t say I never warn you. Learn not to wear your emotions on your sleeve, and have a heart of steel. Remember to learn from your mistakes, and never repeat the same one twice.

So, what else should I tell you? Oh, never lose that innocence in your life. Sometimes I ask myself now, where did the younger Raz go? Where was the confidence, that positivity, that happy-go-lucky self? Somewhere along the line, you will lose your younger self.

Don’t. Hold on to it. Your happiness will depend on it.

Otherwise, life will be great for you. I can’t wait for you to get here.

Till then. Now hands off that packet of peanuts!

Much love,

P.S.: Oh, don’t worry that you can’t sight read music scores. You will never learn how to do so, but you will still enjoy making music nonetheless.

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