The One With The Funny (Fake) Twitter @BPGlobalPR

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have probably heard about the oily disaster that engulfs the Gulf of Mexico. Everything is looking bleak at the moment; the people are angry, the environmentalists are up in arms, the government is desperate and the folks at BP (who runs the leaking well) are scurrying around like headless chicken.

But someone is taking a funny spin on the whole thing, which turns out the be a pretty good attempt. Enter the fwitter (stands for fake Twitter) @BPGlobalPR. In mere days this account garnered thousands of following.

It is not difficult to see why.

Using humour to spin a humourless disaster into something worthy of spreading via social media is pure genius. Is it little wonder that BP decides to leave the fwitter alone?

Good publicity aside, they are doing the right thing by focusing their resources battling the disaster than chasing after a Twitter account.

Though I must say some people need to realise that this is a fake account.

Take a chill pill, people, and go get a free T-shirt.

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