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The One With The Latest Fitness Regime Update

The One With The Latest Fitness Regime Update

Please excuse this egocentric post, but some things need to be blogged down.

It has been a good two years since the last time I did a milestone check on my fitness regime. Granted, over the past 24 months I had too many lapses in my diet I care to count. At times I missed weeks of gym sessions, especially when I took off for backpacking holidays.

So when I asked my current trainer about taking a check, he did it the manual way and told me my current measurements. I can’t remember when was the last time I did it, or what the measurements (weight in kg, and percentage of body fat) were, so I had to dig out through my old blog posts.

Here’s what I found.

17/1/08 – 84.2 kg, 31.7%
2/2/08 – 81.2 kg, 29.2%
19/2/08 – 81.1 kg, 24.3%
17/4/08 – 78.6 kg, 26.1%
17/6/08 – 77.0 kg, 26.9%

And after a lapse of two years…

19/5/10 – 69.0 kg, 20.4%

So after two and a half years, I managed to shed a total of 15.2 kg, and a reduction of 11.3% body fat.

Tonight is a happy night.

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The One With The Ten Things To Do Before I Hit 35

The One With The Ten Things To Do Before I Hit 35

I was looking through some notes I made on iGoogle, and came across this list of ten things I wanted to do before I hit 35:

1) Scale Mt. Kinabalu
2) Visit New York (I did in April 2010, blogging still in progress)
3) Start down payment for a house. Or a car.
4) Go for London 2012 Olympic Games
5) Run a full marathon of 42.5 km
6) Skydiving (?)
7) Diving (?)

And then I realised I have spot for three more. LOL. Anyone want to suggest anything?

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