The One With The Wide Expanse of New Jersey

Ah, Sunday in New York City. How nice could it be? The nice lads in my room, once again, rose early in the morning, and with them I woke up from my intoxicated slumber too. Hey, eight in the morning is really early when you only hit the bed two hours before!

So after a quick breakfast at a nearby Starbucks, I checked out from Chelsea hostel and head down to Chinatown to meet mummy dearest! It has been three years since I last saw her, so it was with great relief and exhilaration when I met again.

The Trailer Park at Edgewood Place

We had a breakfast dimsum before making the one-hour journey into New Jersey. The car ride was punctuated with family updates (from my mum), gasps of delight (from me), and short bouts of silences (from both of us). As we moved further and further away from the city, the tall buildings gave way to vast expanse of flat land. “Corns,” my mum said. “You will see them lined up the highway had it been summer.” Of course, of course.

Mum's Trailer at Edgewood Place

My mum stays in a trailer park at Edgewood Place. How do I describe a trailer park? Well, it was exactly that. A park where trailers (or mobile homes) are parked, most of them, for good. Houses are container-sized, which is very cozy. My mum’s was thickly carpeted, with quaint lighting and an impeccably tended garden.

Yes, a garden!

Trailer Park at Edgewood Place

How does it feel like to live in a trailer, at a trailer park? It certainly feels like you are on a permanent holiday. The trailers are widely spaced from each other (close enough to keep it social, but yet not so close to encroach on each other’s privacy). Residents of trailer parks are very big on being green – trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables are aplenty. The park my mum stayed at was backed with a real jungle. It was never noisy; everything was very serene and peaceful while I was there.

Residential Heaven at New Jersey

In fact, it was the quietness of New Jersey which really got to me. The lack of the hustle of bustle of city life really got to me. At night, the only sound I can hear was my own breathing. It was that quiet. The lack of children and pets could be a contributing factor. For what it is worth, New Jersey is good for a short break from the city, but God forbid if I ever had to live here. I don’t think the city-boy in me can ever take it.

Residential Heaven at New Jersey

Later that day, my mum, her boyfriend and I were invited to her friend’s place for the evening. I learned that for a fraction of what it would cost to buy a place in cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, you could get a very nice place in the surburbs of US. And I do mean very nice. As in two-floors-five-bedrooms-with-garage-and-swimming-pool nice.

Needless to say, I was green with envy, and my resolution not to live in New Jersey wavered a little bit.

Dinner at Sammy's

We had a fabulous dinner at a gorgeous house of my mum’s friend. Vietnam war stories, “nigger” tales, age-guessing and neighbourhood gossips coloured the night. That’s the American life!

Here’s the album of photos I took on my first day in New Jersey.

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