The One With The First Glimpse Of Times Square & Broadway

Views of Midtown New York

Despite a fairly late night the previous date, I was up at eight in the morning. Not by my own choice, but because my dorm mates were all up early, catching a football match at a nearby pub.

Football match! Nearby pub! Eight in the morning!

I am only saying.

Since I was already up, I thought I will make my way to New York Broadway to get tickets to my favorite musical – Mamma Mia!

United States Postal Office

The walk from Chelsea to Broadway was more than twenty blocks long, but it was filled with so many iconic sights of New York that I didn’t really mind. I even managed to check in at Madison Square Garden. I was so exhilarated to be there. I also saw this huge building of the United States Postal Office, with this mad long slogan carved into its stone facade: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night strays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”.

Isn’t that cool?

The New York Times Office

On the way I also passed by the office building of The New York Times. As first I didn’t realise that the entire building was occupied by NYT, until I crossed the road and looked back. I almost fainted in shock. Why SCMP does not have its own grand building like this?!

Views of Times Square

After almost an hour walk (slowed down by me gasping in delight at all the sights around me), I arrived at Times Square, and even in broad daylight it was a sight to behold. The whole place was buzzing, especially for the snaking line of people at TKSS trying to get cheap tickets. I can only imagine how this whole place will look like at night!

Views of Times Square

But my mind was focused on one thing, and one thing only. After some navigating around Broadway area, I managed to find Winter Garden, where Mamma Mia! will be staged! Decided to splurge on a good ticket. That cost me more than USD120, but I was sure the experience will be worth it!

After the “high” of getting the coveted ticket, I took the subway to covert the four stops back to West Village to begin my late morning tour of the place.

Click here for more photos taken during my second day in New York.

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  2. America is a beautiful country. I was there for nearly ten years.

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