The One With The Day Trip To Philadelphia

Chinatown at Philadelphia

After a short break at home post-visit to Princeton University, we made the 1.5 hour car ride down to Philadelphia! For those not in the know, Philadelphia was the birthplace of the United States government. It was the seat of the U.S. Capitol prior to its move to Washington DC. In its fourth century of existence, Philadelphia is a unique blend of modern excitement and colonial charm and history.

Chinatown at Philadelphia

Our first port of call was… food! In Chinatown right in Philadelphia nonetheless. The whole place has a totally different vibe compared to NY Chinatown. If not for the number of blacks around, I would really have thought I was back in Malaysia!

Lunch at Banana Leaf at Chinatown at Philadelphia

It was a familiar late lunch at one of the many Asian restaurants in Chinatown. Met up with my uncle who has been here for many years. The gathering was alright, but the same can’t be said for the food. It was bland and really cannot live up to the great name of Malaysian food.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway at Philadephia

Right after lunch, we set out to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (for reason you’ll see later). The museum was located at the other end of town, right at the end of this Benjamin Franklin Parkway. See the congested left lane, and the almost-empty right lane? It was at the end of the work day by the time we made our way there, and the congestion was terrible. The only saving grace of the traffic jam would be the interesting sights along the way. Had I know how many historical places a town like Philadelphia can pack, I would have come much earlier. Kinda sad I am going to miss out on so many historical spots on the history of America.

Philadephia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art is a classical Grecco-Roman architectural masterpiece, housing an extensive and wide-ranging art collection. During my visit, an exhibition of Picasso was on though I never went in (I am not a museum kind of guy). But the building was certainly impressive, a haunt for art lovers and fitness enthusiast (they loved the stairs, I saw).

Statue of Rocky Balboa at Philadelphia Museum of Art

Now for the real reason for my visit! Philadelphia was famous for one thing; to be shooting location of the famous Rocky movie. It was at this museum where Rocky did his famous shadow boxing stunt, and a statue was created to commemorate this. This statue, however, was moved from its rightful place at the museum courtyard to a nondescript corner of the building. Kinda sad, as I saw Rocky stood there in a faded glory kind of way.

After such a long day, we returned home to New Jersey for yet another early night. You know… the lack of a nightlife is really getting to me. Ah well.

Click here for more photos of my visit to Philadelphia.

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