The One With A Visit To Princeton University Campus

Vincentown Diner at New Jersey

So my fourth day in the States dawned bright and early, after a good night sleep. Nothing beats a good night sleep after such a exhausting start to my trip! Had a true blue American-style breakfast at a nearby diner with mummy dearest.

Breakfast at Vincentown Diner at New Jersey

But what is it about an American meal? Everything is gigantic in portion, I can hardly finish half of what was served! Vincentown Diner was kinda laid back and nice, though my mum insisted there are many better diners elsewhere. That confused me; why then bring me to this one.

Princeton University Campus

But anyway. The highlight of the day is for us to drive down to Princeton University campus, which is about another hour from my mum’s place. The whole journey was kinda funny, as my mum got confused by the direction (printed from Google Map… I know, my mum uses that!) and round the same turn pike not once, not twice, not thrice by six times trying to find the right expressway. So the one-hour journey took like 1.5 hour.

I know I shouldn’t be laughing at my mum’s expense, but anyway.

Princeton University Campus

It was with the same reason as for New York University as to why I wanted to come here. I wanted to see for myself and soak in the atmosphere. Honestly, studying here would be like being permanently in a castle. It was a surreal experience, students milling about, going in and out of classes and residential halls. Everything was so historic, cultured… and quaint.

Princeton University Campus

Everything looks great, but truth to be told… I wonder if the city-boy in me will survive here. The campus reminded me too much of my undergraduate days, and I am not really keen to be staying so far away from town again for such a long period of time. But Princeton do have a great reputation, and if not for its location, the campus is certainly impressive.

Princeton University Campus

During my visit, the cherry trees (I assumed them to be that) were in full blossom, so it was like a scene right out from some Korean drama. Everywhere you look was flowers in red, pink and white. Princeton certainly was living up to its name to be the university in New Jersey, the Garden State.

Click here for more beautiful photos of the campus.

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