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The One With Chatroulette Piano Ode to Merton

You know, I had always thought that Chatroulette is a creepy website. I mean, why would one want to have a random chat with a random stranger who can either hit on you, or hit the F9 button?

Unless, of course, you came up with a brilliant spin like this one.

I pity that fat bugger with his pants down holding the toilet roll.

The One With The Cry Baby

The One With The Cry Baby

Those who know me well will tell you that I am really a cry baby.

Okay, not that I can squeeze out tears on demand. But I reckon many things in life will have me tearing… be it of sadness, joy, pride. I consider a movie to be good if it can make me cry. The more, the better.

For God’s sake, I cried in Happy Feet. In laughter, of course.

And in Harry Potter.

And in Turn Left, Turn Right. God, that was embarrassing. Loved the movie though.

So a cry baby I am. But at least I don’t bawl, unlike some friends I know of. Harumph.

The One With The Three Frogs

The One With The Three Frogs

Three frogs were sitting on a log and two decided to jump off, so how many were left on the log?

One, you say? Nope. Three. That’s the point. They only decided to jump off, they didn’t actually do anything about it. It’s not what you think about that matters in life, it’s what you actually do about it.

So I’ll begin today… by taking the train to work instead of my usual cab. It might be a small thing to you, it might be the jet lag talking, but it is a start for me.

Let today be the start of the adventure in your life.

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The One With The Quotable from Yongfook

The One With The Quotable from Yongfook

From a blog post by the ever-stylish Yongfook on becoming 30:

Like probably every human being on the planet over the age of 12, I have loved and lost. The difference is when you’re young, it’s easy to start dating again. As you get older (say, 30) it becomes progressively more difficult to find someone you really like. This is a result of many factors. You’re more experienced so you know more precisely what you want and are unwilling to waste time just casually dating otherwise. Half of your generation is probably already married. You’re also on the way towards the apex of your professional life so maybe for some this is not a great time to be thinking about that whole “love” thing.

How true. But even at our age, sometimes being practical is to let go your own fairy tales.

This certainly reminds me of the time when I turned 30. How far have we come?

Happy birthday, Yongfook.

The One With The Farewell To The Big Apple

The Statue of Liberty, New York

And so, my ten days adventure to the United States has come to an end.

In another few hours, I will be onboard a CX flight back to Hong Kong. Back to the grind and hustle & bustle of real life, after experiencing one of of the most “real” travel experience of all my journeys.

New York has been an inspiration and a disappointment in equal measure. Can I see myself living in the city? Yes. Can I see myself integrating into the community here? Yes.

But the question would be – do I want to?

That is one I would need to ponder in the months, if not years, to come. Till then, I have a real life to build, in the city of my choice, Hong Kong.

I will be back very soon, folks. Dim sum?

The One With The Day Trip To Philadelphia

Chinatown at Philadelphia

After a short break at home post-visit to Princeton University, we made the 1.5 hour car ride down to Philadelphia! For those not in the know, Philadelphia was the birthplace of the United States government. It was the seat of the U.S. Capitol prior to its move to Washington DC. In its fourth century of existence, Philadelphia is a unique blend of modern excitement and colonial charm and history.

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The One With A Visit To Princeton University Campus

Vincentown Diner at New Jersey

So my fourth day in the States dawned bright and early, after a good night sleep. Nothing beats a good night sleep after such a exhausting start to my trip! Had a true blue American-style breakfast at a nearby diner with mummy dearest.

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The One With The Wide Expanse of New Jersey

Ah, Sunday in New York City. How nice could it be? The nice lads in my room, once again, rose early in the morning, and with them I woke up from my intoxicated slumber too. Hey, eight in the morning is really early when you only hit the bed two hours before!

So after a quick breakfast at a nearby Starbucks, I checked out from Chelsea hostel and head down to Chinatown to meet mummy dearest! It has been three years since I last saw her, so it was with great relief and exhilaration when I met again.

The Trailer Park at Edgewood Place

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The One With Mamma Mia! At Winter Garden

Mamma Mia! at Winter Garden

Mamma Mia! Ah… the musical which brought me to Santorini, after watching the ever-amazing Meryl Streep belting out “The Winner Takes It All” against a dramatic landscape. Which also led me to do the same at a similar cliff at Santorini.

Right. I know I am dramatic that way.

Mamma Mia! at Winter Garden

When I was in London in 2008, I didn’t get the chance to watch Mamma Mia! on Broadway, since it was the peak season and almost everything was sold out. So when I discovered the theater district in New York, it was a no-brainer for me to get one of the best seats at Winter Garden for the coveted show.

Mamma Mia! at Winter Garden

And what a show it was! Mamma Mia! on stage is every bit as good as on the silver screen. The punch lines, the choreography, the emotional intensity differ slightly from the movie version, but in a very good way. I identified with many of the moments which made me love the movie so much in the first place, and to watch it onstage, live, was a moving experience indeed.

Did I tear? And you have to ask? Of course I did!

Particularly commendable were Donna Sheridan’s rendition of The Winner Takes It All and the talented actor who played Sam Carmichael (so very different from Pierce Brosnan’s in the movie), whom can actually sing. But the real character which stole the show was undeniably Rosie; funny, eccentric and totally hilarious.

At the end of the show was a plea to the audience to support the charity benefiting patients and families suffering from AIDS. For forty bucks I bought a signed poster from the show; but the silly me left that behind at my mum’s place in New Jersey, so I don’t have a photo to show of it.

Will update this post when I get back the poster from mum :P

Click here for more photos taken during my Day 2 in New York City.

The One With The Village Radicals Tour At West Village & Greenwich Village

Christopher Street at West Village

The West Village made a natural starting point for the first of my many walking tours, since I was staying at Chelsea. This was also where the fictional Becky Bloomwood (of the Shopaholic series) lived with her then boyfriend Luke Brandon, and I was eager to experience the bohemian district in all its glory.

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