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The One With The Butterflies In Stomach

The One With The Butterflies in Stomach

XXX says:
hey baby

The Twilight Daysâ„¢ says:
*butterflies in stomach*

XXX says:
Errr… what does it mean?

The Twilight Daysâ„¢ says:
That’s the feeling you have when you see someone you like and that person smiled at you

XXX says:
LOL I thought u have a stomachache

The Twilight Daysâ„¢ says:
OMG that is funny!

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If You Have To Eat McDonald’s While On A Diet…

It’s true then. McDonald’s has signed a deal with Weight Watchers to promote some of its meals, such as Chicken McNuggets, as ideal for dieters.

Personally I think the entire idea is totally absurd. Eating fast food is not only the highway to obesity; it is also laden with more temptations for a whole host of eating disorders (overeating is only one of them). Think about fries, soft drinks, desserts… the whole lot.

Isn’t it totally inappropriate that their food is peddled to the very people who should not eat them?

I am not saying I hate McDonald’s. I don’t. I eat it more than occasionally, but always in moderation and by making the right choices. So if you have to eat McDonald’s, here’s what you should do:
1. Don’t upsize. It won’t kill you having less drinks and less fries. If you are still thirsty, drink plain water
2. Change that soft drink. Go for things like hot tea and orange juice. Less sugar, less fattening
3. Go for the grilled burgers. Like grilled chicken, grilled fish burgers. Not double quarter pounder with extra cheese
4. Oh, ditch the cheese.
5. No dessert, please. If you have to, get those sliced apples some outlets seem to have.

Never eat more than one McDonald’s meal a week. You can get better toys in Toys ‘R Us.

The One With Handcrafted Social Media

The One With Handcrafted Social Media

I read this article a few days ago and found myself thinking back to it over and over again as I hone my own social networks. Are you inadvertently spamming your family, friends and business contacts?

The One With FourSquare

The One With FourSquare

Could this could to Failbooking? Heh. Find me on FourSquare

The Secrets of Viral Videos: Take a Leaf Out of Bobby (Lady) Gaga’s Book

I was speechless, and then roared with laughed, finally applauded (alone) in front of my laptop. At this very moment, I think Bobby (Lady) Gaga is a pure marketing genius.

The idea behind this awesome video fulfill these simple viral marketing rules:
– It’s original (a Chinese New Year song sang to Poker Face!)
– It’s catchy (Lady Gaga! Poker Face!)
– It’s simple (simple background, no elaborate costume)
– It’s hilarious (I think the video is self explanatory)
– It’s worth spreading (how many of you shared this on your Facebook/Twitter after watching the video?)

Too often we tried too hard to make our idea viral. That one stroke of inspiration and lots of hard work (that’s some cool bit of video editing there) are all it takes.

I am looking forward to see the Gagas both on stage!

(Update: Here’s a translation of the Chinese lyrics. OMG, Bobby Gaga is a Malaysian!)

(via the ever fabulous Nathaniel Ho)