If You Have To Eat McDonald’s While On A Diet…

It’s true then. McDonald’s has signed a deal with Weight Watchers to promote some of its meals, such as Chicken McNuggets, as ideal for dieters.

Personally I think the entire idea is totally absurd. Eating fast food is not only the highway to obesity; it is also laden with more temptations for a whole host of eating disorders (overeating is only one of them). Think about fries, soft drinks, desserts… the whole lot.

Isn’t it totally inappropriate that their food is peddled to the very people who should not eat them?

I am not saying I hate McDonald’s. I don’t. I eat it more than occasionally, but always in moderation and by making the right choices. So if you have to eat McDonald’s, here’s what you should do:
1. Don’t upsize. It won’t kill you having less drinks and less fries. If you are still thirsty, drink plain water
2. Change that soft drink. Go for things like hot tea and orange juice. Less sugar, less fattening
3. Go for the grilled burgers. Like grilled chicken, grilled fish burgers. Not double quarter pounder with extra cheese
4. Oh, ditch the cheese.
5. No dessert, please. If you have to, get those sliced apples some outlets seem to have.

Never eat more than one McDonald’s meal a week. You can get better toys in Toys ‘R Us.

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