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The One With The Start Of The Week

The One With The Start Of The Week

Welcome to Monday, the start of yet another week.

I walked into the office today to be met by an overflowing inbox, a messy desk and unfinished to-do list. Sounds familiar, yes? Probably you would think I will be all gloomy. I wasn’t. I am not over-the-moon, of course (that particular emotion is for Fridays only), but I know what to do with them.

I spent the next two hours of my Monday organising my tasks, replying overdue emails and scheduling appointments on my calendar. I never schedule a meeting on a Monday morning, so that I can get everything sorted out for a smoother journey into the week ahead.

Of course, writing this blog post is kind of a detour from my routine. I timed myself, this only took 5 minutes.

How did you start your week?

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